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Here I’m listing the famous Inventions and discoveries in various sections such as Geographical, Chemistry and Physics, and Mechanical.

In Reality discoveries are really consider as miracle. Many inventions are made by inventor just to improve our standard of living in future.

Their inventions, made us to live an easy lifestyle. For example if there were no Railways (train), we were not able to travel long distance in few hours; just because of only Aeroplane we are able to travel long distance (one country to another in few hours).

There are many things that are now in use and make our life easy.

The list consists of Inventor name with appropriate Country and year.

List of Inventions and Discoveries is listed below

Geographical Section

DiscoveriesInventor NameCountryYear
AmericaChristopher ColumbusItaly1492
North Pole (Explored)Robert PearyU.S.A1909
South Pole (Explored)AmundsenNorway1912
Solar SystemCopernicusPoland1540
Everest (conquered)Tabie, JunkoJapan1975

Chemistry and Physics

DiscoveriesInventor NameCountryYear
ElectronJ.J. ThomsonEngland1897
DynamiteAlfred NobelSweden1862
Incandescent BulbEdisonU.S.A.1860
Law of GravitationNewtonEngland1687
Printing for the blindLouis BrailleFrance1829
PhotographyL. DaguerreFrance1837
Photography (Coloured)Gabriel Lippman)U.S.A.1857
Photography (Roll Film)George EastmanU.S.A.1888
RadiumMadame CurieFrance1899
Sputniks (artificial Satellite)Russian scientistRussia1957
Theory of RelativityA. EinsteinU.S.A.1905
TelegraphSamuel MorseU.S.A.1832
Theory of EvolutionCharles DarwinEngland1859
TelephoneGraham BellU.S.A.1876
Wireless (Radio)G. MarconiItaly1896
X-rayW. K. RontgenGermany1895

Mechanical Section

DiscoveriesInventor NameCountry Year
AeroplaneWright BrothersU.S.A.1903
DynamoMichal FaradayEngland1831
DieselRudolf DieselGermany1897
Electric LampThomas A. EdisonU.S.A.1879
Electric Washing MachineHulxey Machine CompanyU.S.A.1907
Engine (Railway)StephensonEngland1814
Fountain PenWatermanU.S.A.1884
HelicopterEtienne OchmichenFrance1924
Locomotive Power of StreamJames WattScottland1764
MicroscopeZ. JansenNetherlands1590
MotorcycleG. DaimlerGermany1885
Printing PressGutenbergGermany1455
Pneumatic TyresDunlopIreland1488
SubmarineDavid BushnellU.S.A.1776
Sewing MachineElias HoweU.S.A.1846
TransistorW. ShockleyEngland1958
TelevisionJ. L. BairdU.S.A.1944
TelescopeHans LippersheyNetherlands1608
TelstarU.S. ScientistU.S.A1962
TransistorBardeen, ShockleyU.S.A.1948
VaccinationEdward JennerEngland1796
X-rayWilhelm K. RoentgenGermany1895
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