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World of Professions

We live in a professional world. Students enter colleges and study in streams of their choice. They later join higher universities to specialize in their subjects of specialization and become professionals by their own choice.

Today is a career driven economy, where the conventional roles have given way to a much broader horizon consisting of non-conventional and modern approaches.

Many careers spanning from tea-tasters to professional scuba drivers have been given dignified career standings in the sphere of professions of late. Women no longer think of teaching and banking jobs for their career options. They take up civil and mechanical jobs.

At various levels, they are also inducted into the army and the air force cadres after clearing tough tests. They are ready to take over the world today! Men on the other hand, are more acceptable to the changing world.

The conventional career sphere could be well defined in terms of professions such as engineering, legal professions, doctors and the medical professions, teaching professions etc. today if we have to look at the vast opportunities that exist outside, the world surely has become one big ocean of opportunities.

There are plenty of work from home options for mothers who prefer to stay at home and take care of their families and small babies. There are flexibilities involved in tasks that allow freedom for people to work from the comforts of their home environments.

We can find new career options like merchant navy, hotel management careers, fashion and modeling careers, careers in the aviation industry, nursing careers, pharmacy industries etc.

Entrepreneurship is another major factor these days. Everybody wishes to be their own boss some day. This dream is achievable if one has his own firm and a mission to work on. Today companies are incubated out of one’s own talents and efforts and lucrative ideas make one an enterprising entrepreneur.

Many start ups have sprung up in major cities and towns making us recognize our talents and a place to showcase all that. We have to put in a lot of hard work initially but the time and energy spent is totally worth it. We surely can become our own boss some day.

The legal profession is also, in some ways relatable to this. We can either work as lawyers or legal advisers for a firm after good practise or establish our own firm and start our own private practice. But, it takes a lot of money and financial resources and stability to be able to stand up and fight against the odds of beginning one’s own private legal practice.

Agreements and Disagreements

When there are some five people staying at one place, not each of them can think in the same way. Every person is bound to think differently. From difference in opinions, there arise arguments. There are many families that don’t stay together because they don’t get along with each other.

Parents tend to stay away from their children after marriage probably because they don’t seem to adjust to the new daughter in law and her ways. Or probably the new daughter in law has a problem with her in laws and hence they choose to live separately.

There may be property disputes within a family and the brothers may be facing war with each other over petty issues of the house. They may have even moved court to resolve the matter.

There might even be issues related to acquisitions of money between various family members and so the families might be doomed in disagreements. There could be many more reasons why people approach courts, file a case and appoint lawyers to fight for their cases.

That may not be the only reason why people approach lawyer. There are a host of other matters why people really approach lawyers for. If we had to get a simple attestation from an attorney, we have to approach lawyers.

There could be so many issues like a change in name of the person, change in the name after marriage, etc wherein the person has to follow legal procedures to truly testify the change in name. For all this and many more, we have to approach lawyers to get our work done.

If we need an affidavit for a legal matter or if there are any legal tangles or entangles that we involved with, we need the services of a lawyer. The common man does not understand the legal language well as a lawyer does.

A lawyer is a trained professional in the field of law that gives him power to practise and fight cases in a legal manner. If we have any issues or problems that have to be solved with the help of a legal background, the best thing to do would be to approach a lawyer.

A lawyer enables common men to solve any legal issues and helps them to win their case. There would be an opposing party against the person who has applied the case. The opposing party would have his own lawyer to fight the case from his side.

Ultimately, when the case would be heard in the court, they would be decided upon. The lawyer charges fees for rendering his legal services and commonly they are known to be very high and unreachable for the common man.

Earlier Times

Earlier, there used to be a head for the village who would hear to both the disagreeing parties. Upon much thinking, he would decide which party is against truth and which party is in favor of truth. The party which pleads innocence and turns out to be non-guilty would be conferred the winner of the case.

During the ancient times, when great rulers ruled our country, the kings would consult their ministers, listen to both the parties, then come to a conclusion and deliver justice. After this system, the village heads took over as presenters of justice and did their job.

Much later, when the British ruled our country, there came into existence a proper legal system. The legal system in place in our country today is a great gift from the Britishers. We follow their system of law. There have been models of change and exceptions, but it was largely taken from the British rule.

Legislature, Executive and Judiciary

In our country, the legislature makes the law. The executive executes the law and the judiciary brings the law into force.

Legal practitioners are much in demand and they never fade out as this profession always stays in demand. Big companies have legal advisors to advise the company over legal and judicial matters related to the company and its subsidiaries.

Celebrities and very important persons including politicians and top circuit people, bureaucrats, people in top positions all have their own lawyers to help them smoothly in legal matters. Lawyers take care of their matters and allow them to have a hassle free mind, not burdened with any kind of legal issues.

The lawyers also have moral responsibilities towards the society. Lawyers are infamous for charging very high fees for solving issues of common men.

That is the reason why common men fear and prefer to stay away from any kind of legal tangles. Many lawyers are also known to deliver justice to persons who render them more monetary gain as compared to those who don’t have money at all. Thus, the common man becomes devoid of justice on many occasions.

Lawyers start their practice after studying their legal course. Initially, it would be very difficult for any lawyer to establish himself as a good legal practitioner. So they work as trainees under a lawyer who is experienced and is known for his work.

After getting some experience, they can deliver their practice and continue working at courts or can practise independently. It is a challenging job and people who render law have to look into many intricate aspects of the matter and should have an attention for detail.

The Supreme Court is the highest court in the country and the justice rendered by the Supreme Court is fully and finally agreed by one and all. Lawyers are essential in terms of the legal framework they are bound to and they should render prominent and sincere justice to the warring parties.

The run for money should not become a part of the professional ethics and they should be honorable and approachable to everyone in terms of their advice.

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