Laughter is the best Medicine Essay for Children & Students

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‘Laughter is the best medicine.’ A hearty laughter is the key to a happy life. Laughter is elicited as a response to a funny situation, nervousness, embarrassment or even tickling. Ever experienced a hearty bout of laughter which leaves you in splits for hours. Laughter is infectious.

Laughter is contagious. It spreads like a viral infection. I start laughing at the most random times and it becomes awkward but I just can’t stop laughing when the wave hits me. Even the people nearby start laughing at the sight of me laughing. It a good feeling to see your loved ones happy just because of you. 

Couple laughter therapy 

Couple laughter therapy is gaining a lot of popularity these days. It helps couples to become more confident in their relationships and improves their relationships with their mates. It is an intimate therapy which develops bonding and understanding between the couples.

It helps both of them to tackle their problems in an effective manner. It develops a connection between the couple so beautiful that they cherish the mental bond forever. It helps them to know each other in silence because words are not required after they form the level of intimacy this therapy offers.  

 Couples undergoing this therapy together are actually very happy with the results of this therapy. Some of them even go on to say that this therapy has boosted their sex life and they immediately feel better after they have attended sessions of therapy foreplay.  

 Yogic therapy 

Laughter therapy also forms a major part of yoga. In this exercise, people raise their hands high up and laugh together voraciously. The sound of laughter lights up their moods and acts as a stress reliever for all. An advanced version of this exercise is when people clap their hands together while laughing to their full capacity.

This increases blood circulation in hands as well as your complete body. This exercise helps in eradicating any numbness, laziness, slumber and keeps you pumped up throughout the day.  

Benefits of laughter 

Laughter is the best medicine essayLaughter is associated with the activation of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. This activation releases an enzyme called endorphins into the blood stream. This enzyme regulates the mood of a person and their reaction when put under high pressure.  

It helps them to deal with problems and tackle them in an effective manner.  

Laughter connects people and it increases as happiness and intimacy increases. It initiates healthy changes in both human body and soul.

Those who connect with laughter more often than others feel more relaxed, calm and cool as compared to others. Laughter strengthens our immune system and circulates positive and rich vibes in human body. It reduces pain and protects your heart against anxiety and stress.  

Helps to deal with psychological problems 

Laughter is a medicine with no cost at all. It helps to cure psychological problems like hypertension and depression. It eradicates the feeling of numbness and helps the victim to come out of this seductive state. It helps them to feel something and connect with people trying to help them.

Psychologists usually make use of this weapon to bring the sufferers out into the normal world. They ask their near and dear ones to talk to them normally and joke around them so that they don’t feel left out and excluded.  

Humour in daily life

Laughter can also be used to break ice in awkward and uncomfortable situations. If you are with new people who you have never met before, a joke or a two will certainly help you connect easily.

As they say, Girls to flock to funny guys. Though it is not absolutely true but it partially is as humour is a major determinant of one’s personality. You don’t want a life partner who is always annoyed and keeps on shouting at the top of his voice at all times. But you need someone who is comforting and an easy going person to live a happy life.  

Humour is an antidote to stress, pain and quarrels. It reduces mental agony one faces after conflicts. It works even better than medicine and its effects have been tested by various studies also. It unites the mind and body to balance after a sorrow hits hard at the human mind. Big problems seem small when laughed off. It is a healthier way of dealing with problems than crying and wailing. One can tackle any troublesome events easily with wit and humour.  

Laughing is an easy alternative to a problematic situation instead of yelling, shouting or expressing grief. In my opinion wit can overpower cruelty. Laughter can also be used as a weapon in distasteful moments.

Every time you deal with a tough situation with humour, you bring stability into your life and your efficiency to tackle extreme situations increases. Although laughter provides warmth and comfort yet it fails to provide answers to most difficult situations.  


According to a research report published recently, it was noticed that the people with a happy and a smiling face were perceived as easy to talk to and more outgoing.

Their attraction quotient increased just because they were smiling and giggling. Whereas people with a straight face and uneasy approach were not appreciated. This depicts a lot about the mindsets of the people. Happy people are appreciated wherever they go but the presence of rude and annoying peeps is never appreciated.  

Laughter is also dependent on the age and gender of a person. That is, the reaction to a situation is dependent on the person in it. Someone at an older age might not laugh at a joke you find funny. The person’s inner characteristic traits also determine the way a person perceives a situation.  

Laughing with friends and family and having a gala time with each other reminisces memories of togetherness and helps resolve internal conflicts as well. A laughing, bubbling and an energetic face is always appreciated in society and corporate culture as well.  


At last, I would like to conclude that laughter is like internal jogging. It cleanses and filters out the bad thoughts. It provides a good massage to all your internal organs and rejuvenates your mood as well. The benefits of laughter are unending. The best response to life is laughter. A funny book or a witty friend will always keep you in splits and spirits. 

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