Mumbai – Largest City in India by Area

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Which is the largest City in India?

Mumbai is the largest city in India. Mumbai was earlier known as Bombay and is the financial capital of our country. The city stretches to an overall 603.4 square kilometers in area and is one of the busiest cities in India.

It was around the year 1960 that Bombay became the capital city of Maharashtra state.

Mumbai city

Image Credit: Source (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus)

Bombay had a well-built infrastructure for the city planned by the British and the planning was well executed even before our country got independence. That makes it one of the most desirable metros of the nation.

People love to come to Mumbai for its various attractions and many people from outside Mumbai prefer to come here and make Mumbai their dwelling place.

It is a commercial hub with the city’s financial core concentrated here and the historic NSE and BSE buildings are located in the city.

Connectivity of Mumbai from other cities of India

Mumbai is well-connected from other cities of different states by means of road, rail and air services. Highways are well-maintained and one can find the connecting suburbs like Pune, Thane, Andheri, Malad and Bandra well-connected to the city of Mumbai.

Mumbai is well-known for its street food, tall sky scrapers, mounting buildings, excellent infrastructure, local trains, BEST buses, financial markets, huge companies, Bollywood and the list just goes on.

Local train services at Mumbai

Local train services act as the lifeline of Mumbai and help local people, especially the working class to commute from their homes to office and back on a daily basis.

They are well networked, efficient, handled well by experts in the railway department and shows high level of working standards! The local train services started operating in the year 1853 when the British started local train operations in Mumbai on a pilot basis and then switched to regular services.

From then on, this service has been hugely popular in the city and matches with no other city in the country in its efficiency and time management. With time, new areas were explored and new routes were added to the list to expand connectivity and reach out to remote commuters.

Totally, the local trains cover a huge distance of 400 kilometers on the whole. An estimated 7.5 million passengers are ferried to and forth on these local trains every day and managing such a huge crowd is definitely not easy.

We can find most of the trains to be crowded during peak hours and people can be found hanging out from trains, waiting to catch a little space to fit in the small creepy areas in the heavily crowded bogies.

So, we now know how the large area of Mumbai can be reached by a well-formed local train service network.

Road transport services within the city of Mumbai

The local BEST buses of the Mumbai Metropolitan transport corporation also extend excellent facilities to commuters by providing bus services on time. Bus routes provide connectivity and display routes in the best manner possible to be easily identifiable to the local commuter.

The role-played by Dabbawalas in the city of Mumbai and why they are popular in the city?

The city is famous for its Dabbawalas who offer food services to people in office bringing in lunch from their respective homes.

Thus, office-goers get to relish on their own home cooked food during meal times and the big credit should be given to these Dabbawalas. They have excellent networking skills too!!

They hold a huge rectangular iron box filled with lunch boxes and travel in trains to reach their customers on time. They are known to deliver the right boxes to the right customers and precisely on time.

They too use the local train services to render the best of services!

Need to boost infrastructure in the city to promote foreign investments

The city of Mumbai is a dream land to many and offers much good career option. A career in films and the serial artistes find a heaven of job opportunities.

Many people often complain about the need to improve infrastructure in the city as it has a background of international fame and reputation.

Many foreign delegates visit the city and its various industries to promote their trades and raise investment ventures at this financial hub.

Therefore, it is very important to be pertinent to the international investor and plan the city’s infrastructure accordingly. The city also draws various foreign and local travelers and is a paradise to explore and relax.

Different sightseeing places in Mumbai

Some of the common places to be visited at Mumbai are – the Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus, the Gateway of India, the iconic Taj hotel facing the beautiful sea waters.

We have all seen and admired the three kilometre long boulevard of southern Mumbai and when one visits Mumbai, he cannot afford to miss walking on this stretch and enjoying the mouth watering street food on offer. From mouth watering golgappas, Pani Puris to vada pavs and pav bhajis.

Mumbai is the city of chats and during the monsoons, it is a must visit place for the youngsters. The adjoining chow patty beach is a fun area for children and elders alike and one must get wet in the rising waters of the beach.

The Bombay Worli sea link is a marvel in itself and reduces traveling time between the two regions.

For the spiritual traveler, there are lots on offer at this place. Some of the places of interest Hajji Ali Dargah, the Siddhivinayak temple, Kanheri caves, the world-famous golden Pagoda.

The Elephanta caves and the Mumba Devi temple are famous spots one cannot afford to miss when at Mumbai. The world-famous Mahalakshmi temple provides solace and is an important place of religious activity. Lot of women devotees pay visit to the temple and offer worship to the goddess to seek blessings from her.

World famous species of birds and animals can be found at Sanjay Gandhi national park and is an ideal hangout for families on the weekend.

Chor Bazaar is the best destination for all types of shopping for the entire family and it boasts of flea market for all kinds of necessary items on our shopping list. Similarly, Malad also offers a good shopping destination for first time travelers to the city.

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