Essay on Joy and Sorrows go Hand in Hand in Life

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God has created a beautiful life and earth for us. He has made this so that we lead a happy life. But this does not mean that our life will be happy and same the entire time. We will have to face a lot of situations where there will be different problems and issues.

We cannot run away from these problems and issues. We need to face them and remove all of them. Only then we will get the happiness we want. Otherwise we will always remain sad and keep cribbing about things. There will be darkness, troubles and problems on our way. But it depends on us we tackle them. There will be no person who will not have sadness, problems and darkness in their life.

At one point of time they will obviously get it. Some may tackle them well and progress in life with happiness. While others may not know what to do when such things happen.

They either find shortcuts to be free from those problems or they run away from them. But that is not a solution because if they choose shortcuts or run away from it. If they do so they will never be able to remain happy in their life. Their life will not go in the right or good direction.

It is a sort of compulsion that there will be darkness and problems in a person’s life. This can be proved by what God did according to the Bible. After he created light he also made darkness after that. Then he separated light from darkness and called them day and night respectively.

Light reflects happiness, goodness, joy, positivity, brightness etc. While darkness is just the opposite of light. It depicts sadness, sorrow, negativity, dullness, pale etc. God created both light and darkness and separated in order to make us understand the concept of the two things.

He wanted us to understand after light comes darkness and after every time of darkness there is the return of light. This means that whenever we have happiness, joy in our life we should understand that we need to face sadness, problems for some duration.

This will help us to tackle the problems properly. We should not get afraid from these problems. Instead one should remember that after all these problems and darkness, if we face all of them boldly we will surely get happiness and joy back in our life. This is like a continuous cycle in our life. It is compulsory after one the other has to come. Only one cannot stay forever.

We all have heard things like- “You cannot clap with one hand” or “There are two sides of a coin”. These two are very common in today’s world. They also reflect what the phrase “Joy and sorrow go hand in hand life”. All of them try to teach us the same thing. Joy and sorrow are a part and parcel of our life.

We cannot run away for them. Running away is not a choice for us. If we run away from them, it will have a negative effect in our life. We have often seen people in our life who run away from problems. They break down and are easily dejected from the problems or if any bad thing happens in their life. They do not even try or make a little effort to tackle those problems.

As soon as they realize there is darkness in their life, they lose hope at that moment itself. As they don’t try even a little bit, there life continues like that itself. They do not get any happiness anymore. There life remains the same. Those problems stay forever. As they did not make effort once also to tackle those problems and lost hope, they feel like there is no use of living a life.

They start questioning themselves about their existence on the earth. Only then they think they must have tried at least little bit to remove those problems. Many times people become fed up because there life is not going good. They feel everything is bad in their life.

They think whatever they do, ends up going bad. So after that they do not do anything. They think they should not live and they give up their life. They take such steps thinking that by doing such at least they will be relieved from it after giving their life. But taking such steps is not the right things.

Before doing such things, we should think about others, about our families, friends for whom we are important. If we give up our life thinking there will be no problems after that, our families and friends will not be able to lead a happy life. We should not be selfish enough and also think about them before taking such steps.

It is an obvious thing that when a person faces a lot of problems and they feel there is only sadness in their life, they tend to go towards wrong direction. This is because they do not know what to do. They do not have any idea how to face those problems. It is then they start adapting wrong steps.

One should not do this. Instead we should discuss about the problems and issue that we have to someone with whom we feel comfortable and we know they will help and guide us in the right way. By doing this a person will be able to solve those problems and will be successful whatever darkness is existing in their life.

When a person asks help and guidance from someone else, it will not make them small. Instead their problems will be solved and they will be happy. Even the person who has helped and guided you to move in the right direction will become happy. So, there will be double happiness.

This happiness is better than giving up one’s life. No matter how many times problems come in our life or darkness and sadness is prevailing in our life, we must always face them. We should always remember that these problems and darkness will not exist for long if we have the courage to tackle them.

We should keep in mind that after tackling them, we will surely get happiness. But this does not mean once a person’s life becomes happy, bright and joyful there will be no sorrow and sadness. It is obvious that those will come after one point of time when we are busy leading a happy life.

So, when we are busy enjoying a happy and joyous life we should not ignore any problems if there are any of them. If we do that, those problems may become worse will disturb us more than the smaller problems.

In history of literature also we can see that many writers and poets have written about happiness and sadness in life. But they at the end they also teach us that we should not be affected by either of them. We should appreciate both of them. We should welcome both joy and sorrow the same way.

Very often we see that people welcome joy and happiness but they do not do the same when they have sadness and sorrow in their life. This should not be done. Both joy and sorrow should be treated the same way. They should get the same greeting or welcome because they are connected or intertwined with each other. When we have one of them in our life, the other one also come and the former goes on.

This routine continues forever. Same appreciation and handling for both will make our life stable. Both should be given the same importance. We will have joy and sorrow in our life always. It depends on us how we treat both of them. We should always remember that good things always happen after the bad ones.

Bad times do not stay forever. If we are going through a lot of bad times, after we face and solve them, we get double happiness than how much sadness we experience.

We should always be ready to handle them no matter what happens. It is necessary that we experience both joy and sorrow in our life. Only when we have both of them in our life, we will be able to move ahead in our life and in the right direction.

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