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Location36.20480 N, 138.25290 E
Map of Japan map of japan
Flag japan flag
Area377,972 km²
Coastline18,486 miles
Neighboring Countries
Time Zone JST (UTC +9)
Population127 million (2017)
Symbol symbol of japan
National Foundation DayFebruary 11, 660 BCE
Prime Minister of JapanShinzo Abe

Prime Minister of Japan

Deputy Prime Minister of JapanTaro Aso

Deputy Prime Minister of Japan

National Anthem“Kimi Ga Yo”
National FishCarp

National Fish of Japan

National BirdGreen Pheasant

National Bird of Japan

National FlowerChrysanthemum

National Flower of Japan

National GameSumo Wrestling

national game of japan

National TreeCherry Blossom

national tree of japan

National ColorRed and White
National FruitJapanese Persimmon

national fruit of japan

National VegetableDaikon

national vegetable of japan

National LanguageJapanese
SeasonsSpring (March to May)

Summer (June to August)

Autumn (September to November)

Winter (December to February)

Prestigious Awards
  • Military Award – Order of the Golden Kite, Bukochosho
  • Civilian Award – Order of the Rising Sun
  • Literature Award – Akutagawa Prize, Naoki Prize, Yomiuri Prize for Literature, Mishima Yukio Prize, Tanizaki Prize, Oe Kenzaburo Prize, Bungei Prize, Japan Fantasy Novel Award, Dazai Osamu Prize, Mephisto Prize, Japan Bookseller’s Award, Light Novel Award, Dengeki Novel Prize.
  • Cinema Awards – Japan Academy Prize, Japanese Professional Movie Awards, Blue Ribbon Awards, Pinky Ribbon Awards
ReligionShinto (51.82%)

Buddhism (34.9%)

Shinto sects (4%)

Christianity (2.3%)

No Answer (6.98%)

Average Marriage age30.9 years for men and 29.3 years for women
CapitalTokyo (350 41’N 1390 46’E)

capital of Japan

Number of Prefecture(States)47 Provinces

  • Hokkaido
  • Iwate-ken
  • Fukushima-ken
  • Nagano-ken
  • Niigata-ken
  • Akita-ken
  • Gifu-ken
  • Aomori-ken
  • Yamagata-ken
  • Kagoshima-ken
  • Hiroshima-ken
  • Hyogo-ken
  • Shizuoka-ken
  • Miyazaki-ken
  • Kumamoto-ken
  • Miyagi-ken
  • Okayama-ken
  • Kochi-ken
  • Shimane-ken
  • Tochigi-ken
  • Gunma-ken
  • Oita-ken
  • Yamaguchi-ken
  • Ibaraki-ken
  • Mie-ken
  • Ehime-ken
  • Aichi-ken
  • Chiba-ken
  • Fukuoka-ken
  • Wakayama-ken
  • Kyoto-fu
  • Yamanashi-ken
  • Toyama-ken
  • Fukui-ken
  • Ishikawa-ken
  • Tokushima-ken
  • Nagasaki-ken
  • Shiga-ken
  • Saitama-ken
  • Nara-ken
  • Tottori-ken
  • Saga-ken
  • Kanagawa-ken
  • Okinawa-ken
  • Tokyo-to
  • Osaka-fu
  • Kagawa-ken
Largest ProvinceHokkaido
Smallest ProvinceKagawa-ken
Largest CityTokyo
Smallest CityUtashinai
Literacy rate99% (males)

99% (females)

Type of Government
  • Unitary State
  • Constitutional monarchy
  • Parliamentary
GDPPPP – $5.420 trillion (2017)

Nominal – $4.841 trillion (2017)

GDP per capita$42,860 (2017)
Total number of Political parties in Japan10 political parties
CurrencyYen (JPY)
Calling Code +81
Regional Languages
  • Ainu Itak
  • Amami Oshima
  • Kikai
  • Kunigami
  • Miyako
  • Okinawan
  • Okinoerabu
  • Tokunoshima
  • Yaeyama
  • Yonaguni
  • Yoron
ISO 3166 codeJP
FestivalsGion Matsuri

Awa Odori

Kanda Masturi

Yuki Masturi, Snow Festival

Nebuta Matsuri

Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri

Tenjin Matsuri

Kochi Yosakoi Matsuri

Tanbata Matsuri

Hakata Dontaku Matsuri

MonumentsTodaiji Temple

Monument of Japan

Horyuji Temple

Monument of Japan

Shitennoji Temple

Monument of Japan


Monument of Japna


Monument of Japan


Monument of Japan

Tokyo Skytree

Monument of Japan

Meiji Shrine

Monument of Japan

Ueno Park

Monument of Japan

Itsukushima Shrine

Monument of Japan

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Monument of Japan

Mount Misen

Monument of Japan


Monument of Japan


Monument of Japan

Okayama Castle

Monument of Japan

Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • 82 Wildlife Protected Area
  • 81 National parks
Longest Railway platformJapan’s Nagoya Station
Longest RiverShinano river
Largest LakeLake Biwa
Highest MountainMount Fuji
Biggest waterfallShomyo Falls
Biggest AirportNarita Airport
Biggest damKurobe Dam
Tallest buildingAbeno Harukas
Richest person of JapanTadashi Yanai & Family

richest person of japan

Best place to visit in Japan
  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Nara
  • Takayama
  • Nikko
  • Kamakura
  • Hiroshima
  • Kanazawa
  • Ishigaki
  • Koya-san
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