Speech on Is Dieting Good for Children?

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A very warm welcome to everyone present here. Today I am going to discuss a topic of extreme importance. It is related to two other extremely related topics – Children and dieting. Thanks to the advent of media awareness campaigns and various efforts by the world health organization that we have finally taken food habits seriously.

Dieting refers to a sort of organized eating to achieve a specific goal of weight loss or weight gain. Being humans, we always have a tendency to overdo things, and as a result end up at the extremes, either become anorexic or bulimic. 

The recent decades have seen a tremendous emergence of lifestyle based diseases and it is not limited to diabetes, coronary heart diseases and obesity. This emergence is because of the availability of easy and fast food which is in tandem with our fast paced lives.

We need food that is easy to prepare and can be eaten quickly. This requirement headset to the evolution of a category of dirty foods called fast food. These fast foods however are made with in proper food substances that are determined to the human health like trans fats and saturated fats.

Eating these food substances leading to obesity problems which is now being combatted using proper dietary intake and this trend is being called dieting. 

Dieting is an extremely good initiative and needs to be promoted rampantly for packing the path to a progressive future which is impossible without health individuals with a sound physique.

However because of increasing competition of the world all aspects as well as because of an increase in the purchasing power of the people, weekend Resort to fast food rather than eating systematically cooked good healthy and wholesome foods.

This is even more pronounced in the case of children, specially teenagers and young adults. Mothers today prefer to give the kids a pizza instead of cooking for them because it’s quick and access time which can be utilized for their job or business. This condition hassle for generation of unhealthy youth.

These teenagers develop diseases that were earlier known to contact above forty. Because of this children and young kids as small as ten years old develop diabetes, hypertension, etc diseases just because of improper nutrition.
Obesity is also a big problem among them in the present world.

Throw a stone out of a window today and I’m almost cent percent sure that it will end up on a teenager who is obese. The majority of the population of the world today consists of teenagers and the majority of teenagers in the world today are fat.

Therefore it is extremely important to implement a regime of conscious eating where we eat to fit our body and not to feed our mind.

Today’s world is extremely stressful and lonely. We do not have any friends and down here once do not have the time to listen to our sad stories.

Therefore most of us resort to food to alleviate our depression. This results to station where we get fat and later feel sorry for it and the cycle of depression and eating because of it continues.

This is a mental disorder known as binge eating disorder and leads to various diseases. Some individuals even feel so guilty that they vomit out the food. Search people are called bulimic. 

However, there is another end of the spectrum of the practice of dieting that has been taken to such drastic extremes that the children suffer from malnutrition. Children are in the growing stage of their lives and require an enormous amount of nutrients are greater in quantity than that required by grown up adults.

Subsequently it’s extremely important for children to be fed a balanced diet consisting of all the essential nutrients in proper quantities. In today’s world there are many dietitians and so-called diet Nazis who tend to overlook this requirement of children and give importance to how the outer body looks.

Every one of us is not meant to look like Greek gods. There are genetic factors that limit the aestheticism of our physiques, our muscle mass, body weight, etc. Many dieticians feed children food which is low in essential fats in a promise to make them thinner and muscular.

There are few dietitians who recommend children to maintain a strict abstinence from any kind of fried foods or foods that contain natural facts like egg yolks and nuts. Doing this deprived Children of Men essential amino acids and essential fatty acids which are imperative for the development and growth of the body as well as the mind of the child.

Some of these teenagers and young adults even go to extremes of starvation to lose body fat. This process however they lose their mind and develop various mental disorders connected to food and body image issues. They start becoming anorexic. 

My point here is that everyone should maintain a healthy balanced diet and should incorporate the practice of conscious eating.

Food should always be seen as a requirement for survival of the body and not for the mind. Children should definitely not eat unhealthy food and they can diet, but under strict guidance and limitations only. 


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