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A very Good morning to one and all present over here. Today I will be presenting a speech on “Internet“.

Before starting, I just want to say that if you don’t agree with me on some points or if you want to add some points feel free to interrupt me.

Today we live in a world that is closer than ever. We are so interconnected and close together that the world today is known as a global village.

However, this would not have been possible without the presence of something that is extremely inevitable in almost any task we do today – the Internet, and this is what I am going to speak about today.

The Internet finds its roots way back in the early sixties when it was being developed as a network of computers to allow scientist to perform data operations and share the results with each other.

Later if more secure form of it was developed by the US military and intelligence department called Arpanet.

This network was supposed to connect computer to help share real time military information which was sensitive in nature.

However, soon with further development, Dish network head evolved into a huge interconnected system of computers which were used to share files and data all over the world.

The technology used at that time was called file transfer protocol or FTP. However, even at this time the Internet was far from what we know it today.

At that time, it was nearly text information and binary information that could be transferred from one virtual address to the other virtual address. 

It was way later in the 90’s that Internet in the way that we know today was developed.

Tim Berners-Lee, a data scientist at Cern, invented a system known as the world wide web, which in the beginning was used to compile and share data after particle accelerator used at Cern in Geneva.

Later this system of world wide web or www as we know today was developed which consisted of media files, music, images as well as text information and also supported interactive services.

In the system of World Wide Web, information was transferred in bits and pieces called packets, and then he joined at the destination.

This system of breaking up data in the form of packets and transmitting them only two can join them at the destination to obtain the real information is known as transmission control protocol or TCP. 

The Internet today service far more purposes than just sharing of information. With the advent of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the world is coming closer than ever.

Everything under the sun is now on the tip of our fingers. We can get to know any information about anything in the world with just a click of a button.

This not only strengthens the community but also facilities in Rapid news transmission which might help people in situations of emergency.

Also, the Internet is great for education. Being the pool of data that it is, we can search for any sort of information on any subject on the Internet and be completely acquainted with an unknown topic.

The electronic mail system that operates over the Internet is another advantage after many advantages that Internet provides.

Using the electronic main system, we can send a message to anyone in the world present anywhere in the world instantaneously.

The only requirement for an electronic mail system is a working computer with a working Internet connection.

The electronic mail system is also environment friendly and does not require the use of any sort of people medium to carry the message.

It is because of this electronic mail system that today the physical Postal Services are almost out dated. 

Just like everything else in life there are certain negative effects that the Internet has on our lives.

Due to its ease of use, many people often use the Internet to threaten or bully other innocent people because it is way easier than to do in real life by sitting and hiding behind screen.

The Internet has brought the world closer than ever but at the same time it has distanced us in a way that cannot be bridged.

Social face to face real life interactions have become much difficult thanks to the advent of an anonymous social media scene.

In today’s world of global corruption Internet is also very easy method of selling and trafficking of illegal Contraband substances like drugs and even weapons.

The major advantage of this is that the Internet does not provide a real identity of an individual but only provides the virtual address of the computer from where it is being operated.

Does this give an easy way for the culprits to hide? Recently it has also surfaced that the Internet is being used to order assassinations.

In spite of all these vices, the Internet is completely inevitable tool of communication and World development. 

I can’t root with this, that everything has its advantages and disadvantages and it is only up to us, how we want to use it. 

Thank you

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