Internal and External Beauty Essay

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – this statement is absolutely correct. It means beauty of a person or thing varies from person to person and as everyone looks at the same thing or person differently, they also think differently which is why a person or things beauty varies from person to person.

If a person loves another person then that person becomes the most beautiful human being in his eyes and to him it doesn’t matter that what the other thinks about that person’s beauty. Beauty varies from person to person. Some people love pretty faces, some other loves long hair where some other loves skin tones etc. Beauty depends on the person’s choice.

I personally think that each and every human being is beautiful in their own way and people just have to look deep inside them to find it. I am not saying that everyone is perfect because nobody is perfect but everyone is beautiful and people just have to open their eyes and heart to see that beauty that shines brightly.

There are two main types of beauty and they are as follows

Inner Beauty or Internal

Inner beauty is something that people have and can only be seen by someone if they knows that person and if they actually open their eyes and look for it. Inner beauty cannot be seen easily.

To see someone’s inner beauty, a person has to love and respect that person and most importantly that person should have the will to look past the outer beauty and look deep inside to see the inner beauty.

Inner beauty is what makes a person truly beautiful from inside and out. Inner beauty is nothing but the truly personality of a person that people usually hide from others by placing an invisible mask over themselves.

Not everyone wear their feelings on their sleeve or in other words, not everyone is an open book to read for the others which makes people to see their masks and not their real inner beauty. Inner beauty is what makes a person truly beautiful. Inner beauty is permanent and don’t fade over time.

Outer Beauty or External Beauty

Outer beauty is something that can be seen from outside and can be seen by everyone by looking at them. They are something like a person’s face or their pretty hair or their skin tone or how soft their skin is etc. All the above mentioned things can be seen and judged from outside by anyone and everyone and to see outer beauty a person doesn’t have to know the other person at all.

Outer beauty is seen by everybody. People cannot judge a person by their outer beauty. However, people can judge the fact that if a person is more beautiful than the others. Outer beauty is not everything. A person can be ugly in one’s eyes and can be really pretty in someone else’s eyes.

Outer beauty can be enhanced by a person by makeup and a pretty smile whenever that person wants to. Many people consider outer beauty everything. Outer beauty is however temporary and fades with time and people can’t do anything to stop it. Delay it yes but stopping it from happening is not possible.

Beauty is something that is judged by the others. Beauty is what makes a person truly beautiful or ugly but however to judge a person correctly a person needs to know the other person from inside and out or else the judgement passed by that person is biased and not of importance to anyone.

A person can be extremely beautiful from outside and at the same time can be really ugly from the inside. A person’s judgment about another person changes when they find out about the inner beauty of that person which is if the said person is beautiful or ugly from inside. Inner beauty is the most important thing in today’s date.

Beauty is something that if a person truly wants to see then he or she can or else they can get blinded by the fake masks that people put up in front of the others. Every person wears an invisible mask, knowingly or unknowingly.

A person can be considered as truly beautiful when the fake invisible mask is removed from their face and their actual true self comes out. Someone’s true self is what known as inner beauty and this is what makes a person truly beautiful.

However, people now a day’s judge a person based on their outer beauty first and then look for the inner beauty. But people should start to look for a person’s inner beauty first and not their outer beauty. Outer beauty can be a cover up for their inner ugliness that when exposed can make the person loose every one he or she considered as valuable.

In my opinion, inner beauty is the most important thing in this world. A person is beautiful or ugly can be understood by their inner beauty only. The outer beauty does not matter that much if the person is rotten from inside.

People should always try to look for the inner beauty in a person than get dazzled by the outer beauty which can be enhanced with a little makeup and also outer beauty fades away with time. However, inner beauty cannot be enhanced by anything as it represents a person’s true self and also inner beauty do not fade away with time and remains with a person till they die.

Inner beauty can only be seen if people actually open their eyes and heart and then look for it. Inner beauty stays hidden in most people and looking for it is quite difficult and a person will only want to look for it if they actually care for that person.

A person’s inner beauty can change a person’s point of view within seconds. So, inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. Inner beauty is what makes a person beautiful or ugly and inner beauty is a person’s true self that they cannot hide from a person who is actually looking for it.

People can hide their outer beauty but can never hide their inner beauty. Inner beauty makes us who we are and it cannot be changed.

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