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From the time India and Pakistan were partitioned in the year 1947, from that time both the countries are at war and there have always been issues between India and Pakistan.

Both the countries have fought with each other during the war and major war between the two was Kargil War.

No matter how much the Government of both the countries try to make peace between the two countries, still both India and Pakistan are always fighting for each other.

Conflicts between India and Pakistan

One main reason for the conflict between India and Pakistan is for taking Jammu and Kashmir as their own. This conflict is because of the economic conditions between the two countries and religious differences in the country.

This partition was because the Muslims and Hindus were separated due to religious differences and both the communities were fighting with each other.

Neither of the country is ready to give the state of Jammu and Kashmir to the other country. Pakistan has always been planning something against India so that can get Jammu and Kashmir in their power.

Even Kashmir has been accessed to India, still there is problem to take the state between India and Pakistan.

The solution to get over the issue of Kashmir has never been successful. The progress to resolve this issue is going very slow.

It is due to this problem that there have been many other problems between the two countries.

Can peace exist between India and Pakistan?

India and Pakistan has not been able to solve the differences which has been existing from the time the country was partitioned.

When Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister of India he tried for peace talks with the Government of Pakistan so that the impasses could be removed.

He even went personally to Pakistan to solve the misunderstanding between the two countries. It is because of some of the peace talks that India and Pakistan has been able to play cricket matches against each other.

Even Dr. Manmohan Singh there was bilateral agreements was made to reduce the problems. It is because of cricket and other sports that there is a little peace between the two.

But in order to make peace between India and Pakistan it will take centuries because resolving the problems which have been existing from 1947.

The Government of both India and Pakistan has been trying to make peace none of the people are enemies. So, it is important to be united and hope for the time when there will be peace between the two countries.

Self story on the concept of Indo-Pak Bridges of Peace

It was during the 1940s when the order of partition of India was passed. India was being partitioned into two which was India and Pakistan. People were being shifted from one place to another.

The place which is called Pakistan, from there all the Hindus were being shifted to what is called India today.

While the Muslims who were in India (as per the present time is called) were being taken to Pakistan. Different vehicles were arranged for them.

But these people who were being shifted from India to Pakistan at that point of time did not know which place is India and which is Pakistan.

They were just going with the officials who were taking them to another place. There were a few people who did not want to leave the place where they had been staying from such a long time.

They did not want to go away from the people with whom they have been staying from so many years. They asked a lot of questions to the officials. After they did not get any answer, they were going back to their place.

But the officials forced them to leave that place, caught them and tied them in the vehicles. Mostly the women and the children cried a lot because they did not want to get separated from others.

The children did not want to leave their long time friends.

Even this was the same for the women group as well. But they had no other option except going with the officials to the new place.

Some of the women who were stubborn and not agreeing to leave were shouting at the officials for destroying their life. They even hit the officials with their weapons.

This forced the officials to tie the women as well. All this happened not only in the present day India but in Pakistan as well.

There was chaos everywhere. Not a single place was in peace or was silent. Everyone was running with their belongings here and there. Some were busy fighting, while some arguing, running and crying.

But among all these chaos, there were two boys. One was Muslim and the other was Hindu. There were best friends and neighbours. They were born and brought up together. They were of the same age.

The Muslim boy’s name was Hamid while the Hindu boy’s name was Subham.  The day Hamid was born after a few hours even Subham was born on the same day. They were always together.

They would stay at each other’s home, eat, sleep and play together. Even their families were close friends like the two children. Even they were Muslim and Hindu families, neither of them had problem with each other.

They always helped each other. Their behaviour with each other was like they belong to the same family. These two boys were not ready to leave each other.

As Hamid belonged to a Muslim family, they had to leave the present day India and move to Pakistan.

The boys cried a lot and they told their parents they could not stay without each other. But their parents made them understand that they do not have any other choice.

So, both the families said goodbye to each other and hoped to meet again someday. Hamid’s family left from India and went to Pakistan.

It was just a few days that Hamid left and Subham looked like his life has been taken away. He seemed like a lost soul.

He missed Hamid a lot. After that day he never felt like doing anything. He would even eat or sleep properly.

His mother requested him so much but he still would not listen. This same thing was going on with Hamid as well. Both of them missed each other.

One day Subham without informing to his parent went near the border of India and Pakistan. He saw that there were some trucks going to Pakistan. He was looking for a chance to go and hide in the truck.

When he got a chance, he immediately hid in the truck. Later when he realized and found that he reached Pakistan, he went looking for Hamid secretly. He used to hide from all the officials there in order to search for Hamid.

Finally, he found Hamid and when even Hamid saw him they became very happy. He asked Subham to come inside fast.

Hamid’s parents saw that Subham had come. He asked him how did he enter Pakistan and then hide him. On that day, there were riots going on in Pakistan.

The officials were killing other people whom they found that they were not Muslims. They checked on every house.

When they reached Hamid’s house, they found Subham there and they easily found that he was not a Muslim and had come from India. The officials did not waste any time on interrogation.

One of the officials lifted his gun and was ready to shoot at Subham. The first shot bullet went straight to Subham’s chest.

When he was going to shoot at him the second time, Hamid came infront of Subham and the bullet went to Hamid’s heart. After the official shot at them, both the boys died then and there.

The officials did not bother about anything and left from Hamid’s house. Hamid did not have to come in front of Subham and die for him. But the friendship and love which was present between the two boys, made him do that.

The story of these two boys makes us understand that they were not bothered from the partition of the country.

No one could separate them and they could not live without each other so they risked their lives for each other and ultimately both of them died.

In the movie Bajrangi Bhaijan, we see that how Salman Khan risked his own life so that he could bring the small girl to her family which was Pakistan.

The officials thought he was detective from India to get some information. Even when he told them his reason for coming to Pakistan, they did not believe him.

They ill treated him till the time both the countries came to know the purpose of Salman going to Pakistan and everyone supported him and finally he was released.

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