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“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”

These beautiful lines by Rabindranath Tagore clearly explains India of my dreams; a place where everyone is free of fear; free from fears of all kinds and living happily. But with time this dream of mine is becoming a far-fetched reality.

We are the citizens of India, a country which had a glorious past and was heading towards even brighter future. In all these dreams and aspirations, we did not even realized when and where we went astray. I am no way a pessimistic and have full faith one day we will change the face of our country.

We will make it a place as desired by our ancestors. But presently we are in a grave situation where we are facing the loss of humanity. The incidents of last few weeks have clearly raised a question mark…

How can a person be so inhuman to behave in such a brutal way with an eight year old girl?? The question is not about a small girl only… It is actually about everyone women facing similar situation; just in different forms.

In a country where women are equivalent to Goddess how can such thoughts be so alluring that the whole humanity is ashamed. Goddess are worshiped and women are harassed as if the people are fooling the supreme deity.

Whenever a severe incident happens and if it comes to notice, there is a huge hue and cry as if after this the scenario will change. But just in few days everyone is again quiet… All the protests, support goes in vain… The cases are filed, sessions start and keep on going and no justice is delivered and when finally delivered, it has been too late for it be considered as a lesson.

I am not questioning the judiciary and understand the load they have to handle but the delay and the procedures which are the cause of it really upset me. The principle to provide a chance to everyone can never be applied to such a person who didn’t even spared a little girl.

Things do take time but it should at no cost be so long that it provides an impetus to others for such an act. We really need to adopt a very strict attitude towards this; timely and strict decisions even death penalty to be given to create a fear in those people who have forgotten their humanity.

This was regarding the share of the legal and administrative systems to rectify the procedures and try to create a fearless society; but what about the responsibility of an individual.. Is it just for the protest or the social media support??

Do it really matters to everyone to think regarding this or they just become a part of the mob for that instance?? For some of the people it may matter but they don’t make efforts for this until it directly affects them. For some others everything matters only till they are protesting or supporting.

Very few are there who are genuinely concerned for such issues. For rest others, I can say they are waiting for the moment when something like this happens to them or their close ones. I feel sorry but it has actually become the reality of our society.

Whatever is being done is due to a purpose. The protests. The social media supports of being ashamed are all a big drama to cover up the issue and show that we are affected while the reality is very threatening.

We need to shake ourselves up from the deep slumber. We need to understand that change is required and the major responsibility for this lies with the youth. I would like to call out the youngsters and say Stop thinking for yourself, Start thinking for your country.

For the humanity. Don’t wait for the right moment rather create the right moment and move ahead. We really need to wake up the humanity if we need to save our world from becoming a danger zone for all. Do whatever it takes (in a right manner) to get up and join with others for the betterment of the world.

Free oneself from all the shackles of religion, caste, creed, education etc. and rise high for the sake of humanity. Let nothing deter us from the cause of a better world, a better country.

Lastly, I would quote a line by The Father of the Nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


It says enough for everyone to understand and take the required steps before it is too late.

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