India Independence Day 2020: Speech, Quotes, Celebration, History

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Independence Day is celebrated nationwide on 15th August every year to commemorate the independence from the British Empire and slavery.
India attained the independence on 15th August 1947. Independence Day is a gazette holiday in India.

What is Independence Day? 

India became free from the British rule on the 15th of August, 1947 and it was a long struggle for freedom.

This day is celebrated as a national festival throughout our nation to remember the sacrifices of great leaders who laid down their lives to achieve freedom.

So, in short, every year on the 15th of August, we celebrate Independence Day in India 

Meaning & Definition of  Independence Day 

Independence Day is a national festival celebrated in India to commemorate the day India achieved freedom from British rule.

It also meant that India as a nation did not have to heed to the orders of the British rule anymore as it was declared an independent nation.

The citizens of independent India chose Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as the first prime minister of Independent India.

Mr. Nehru took oath as the first prime minister of India from the red fort, Delhi and hoisted the tricolor flag to mark the significance of the day.  

 74th  Independence Day of India - 15th August 2020

India celebrates its 74th independence day on the 15th of August 2020. Like always, it is a national holiday declared by the government of India.

An annual celebration of independence that takes place every year, in every part of our country to celebrate the victory of Indians over British rule.

On this day, we are proud of the great sacrifices made by our national leaders who led us the path and worked out ways to achieve independence.

We are proud of their efforts to claim a British free rule for our country.

Nationwide, the police have made tight security arrangements to make sure the events on account of Independence Day carry on smoothly without any disturbances.

Sensitive regions of the country are provided with extra security cover. The Red fort is decorated beautifully to grace the occasion.

Each and every minute detail pertaining to the welcoming of dignitaries to the hoisting of national flag and the rest of the events of the day are organized in a very well manner.

Security has been strengthened at arrival and exit points. The event marks the 74nd year of our win against ousting British from our lands.  

All spectators in the audience are seated according to their cadres. The guests of honor are well received by our dignitaries and everyone is waiting for the speech delivery by the prime minister.

Children from schools are waiting for the events to begin. They are hoping for a good participation in their respective events.

They are waiting with bated breath for the tricolor flag to be unfurled by the prime minister.

The event organizers have catered to each and every minute aspect of carrying out the celebrations in a smooth manner. The Prime minister shares the dais with dignitaries present from across the world.  

It is a very gracious occasion when we would be hearing our beloved prime minister talk about the significance of Independence Day.

He would be discussing on the burning issues of our country.

The prime minster is expected to include a lot of special points in his speech which would include focus on communal matters, the Ayodhya dispute, corruption and growing incidences of bribery.

The prime minister is also expected to speak on the advancements made in the field of science and technology in the previous year.

Economic progress, coupled with inflation and growth prospects are some of the factors the prime minister would deliver elaborately in his speech.

We look forward to an endearing speech from him and to understand the country’s progress in terms of economic growth and development.  

Happy Independence Day 2020

Every citizen of India is proud of this day of national significance. Indians greet each other by wishing their families and friends over phone calls and text messages.

We would also receive plenty of good wishes on other online applications. The day is marked with beautiful messages which are inspirational at the same time talking about the importance of nationalism.

Messages of patriotism, the need to build a patriotic fervor in the citizens of India help celebrate the day with true colors of independence.  

Friends and relatives send e-mails with lots of greetings and good wishes to cheer the patriotic fervor of every citizen. It is a day when we forget bitterness among individuals; we get into the true spirit of independence.

The day witnesses spread of messages of love and harmony between individuals irrespective of cast, creed or region.

Communal harmony and relationship of brotherhood is sought after and these kind words are spread across in messages and images across every platform.

Online platforms are the best way to deliver messages to a large population, since a huge chunk of the population gets easy access to it.

Good wishes and greetings are sent out in large numbers by news channels, the media houses, in newspapers, magazines etc. the online media is totally filled with news of patriotism and Indian culture and traditions across every platform and the day is thus marked by a whole lot of love for our country.  

Independence Day  Celebration   

Celebrations begin in the Red fort, at New Delhi, which is the capital of India. The prime minister unfurls the national flag and delivers the keynote address to the nation.

At different schools and colleges across the nation, the spirit of nationalism and independence is celebrated with the same fervor and enthusiasm.

At schools, the principal of every school unfurls the national flag and delivers a speech to motivate students to imbibe patriotic values and develop love for the nation.

Independence Day celebration in School

Teachers address the students and let them know about the sacrifices the great leaders of the country have made in order to achieve freedom for the country.

The values of patriotism are imbibed in children’s mind by the teachers. Children are taught to not just treat the day as another holiday.

The day has a high national significance. It is the day when the country attained freedom from British rule.

Children in schools and colleges are welcome to deliver talks about the atrocities of British rule and how the national leaders fought the struggle for freedom.

Throughout the day, many schools hold important events to signify the cause of the day. Not just that, children are encouraged to participate in events held at schools and colleges.

They also get sweets to enjoy on the day of national importance.

Independence Day celebrations in Colleges

Colleges are next level of school life. Students here are more mature and understanding when it comes to social values. Life in college teaches students to become more giving towards the society.

A correct form of moulding at this stage can change and shape many lives. It is after college that students choose their career paths, based on their interests.

Students become part of the college associations and manage the elections that take place in the college. So a part of their life gets into the real world then and there itself.

When students get into real life, they choose different career paths. We know that some of the greatest leaders who fought for the country’s freedom did so, by thought, by generating thoughts of patriotism that took them to another level of leading the country with their ideals.

People shaped their careers in their college life. They started their political journey right after college itself. By spreading message on Independence Day to college students, we show them values of life.

Independence Day celebrations at colleges instill values of nationalism in students. It shows them the right path to choose, to become citizens with social responsibilities.

The dreams of our great leaders would come true only when the youngsters of today lead socially responsible paths.

The Independence Day celebrations at college serve a purpose. They lead the youth towards a direction. They spread message of leadership.

Independence day celebrations in college bring out one significant point, less debated upon. The need of good leadership among the younger generation.

Youngsters should plunge into active politics to change the ways of our country. This is the need of the hour. This and many other important points are stressed by chief guests who preside over Independence Day activities at college.

The day also marks participation of students in various cultural exhibits that bring out the true colors of independence.

They show talent of various students, their awareness about the need to respect independence, the cost of freedom, the valour of our leaders and the relentless struggle of freedom fighters.

In a nutshell, college activities portray Independence Day on a level higher than the ones that take place at schools.

Independence Day celebration at societies across the country

Apart from educational institutions, government offices across the country remember the day by saluting our great leaders.

They often keep talks of how nation builders worked their way in sacrificing their lives for the sake of the nation. Political leaders can be spotted distributing sweets to the public on account of this day.

Many residential organizations and layout associations hold special programs including flag hoisting events to mark the importance of the day.

Children are encouraged to participate in competitions like essays and painting competitions to reflect their true patriotic spirits.

They are given a sense of nationalist pride by holding lectures and talks about the significance of the day.

Independence Day Speech  

Independence Day speech in 250 words  

Good Morning to all the dignitaries present of stage. We warmly welcome the chief guest of the day.

We also take great pleasure in welcoming our beloved principal, the members of the management, staff and my dear friends. We have all gathered here to mark an important occasion of national importance.

Today is our independence day. Today many years ago, on the 15th of august 1947, our country achieved freedom from British rule and was declared an independent nation.

Our country got its first Prime Minister Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru and hence this day is annually celebrated across India to mark the patriotic significance of the day.

It is of great significance for us to know how our great leaders sacrificed their lives in plenty to see a nation free from British rule.

The country was plagued by the dictates of the British, but our nation builders preached and practiced non-cooperation movements to oust them from our country.

The nation had a very tough time under their rule. They had taken the whole country for ransom and employed their ways in order to bring the whole nation into their clutches.

This was not accepted by citizens of our country and they launched strenuous movements to see the British come down in their powers.

Thus the combined efforts of many leaders plus the participation of common people brought freedom to our nation.

We should respect the velour and courage of our great leaders and respect their sacrifice, just for the nation. We should develop patriotism towards our country.  

Jai Hind.

15th August Speech in 350 words  

A very warm welcome to all the dignitaries presiding over the event to mark the Independence Day function today. Today we have all gathered here for a very important occasion which is our independence day.

I warmly extend my welcome to the guest of honor for today, our honorable principal, the members of management and staff for their co-operation in carrying out the events for today.

Last but not the least, I thank my dear friends for their participation in various events and we look forward to a day full of patriotic colors and celebration.

Independence Day is the day when we annually celebrate our victory over the British rule and rejoice to the fact that we as a nation were declared an independent nation in the year 1947.

The day of 15th of August in the year 1947 throws back many significant trivia to our minds.

We would have read from various sources about how our country was declared an independent nation in the midnight of 15th August.

Jawaharlal Nehru took oath from the red fort as the first prime minister of India.

The day is etched in history when people waited in bate breath to hear the first ever speech made by Shri. Jawaharlal Nehru about the country gaining freedom from British rule.

The reins of the country were now transferred from the hands of the British to Indian leaders. The responsibility of nation building was to be taken up from scratch and there were lot of efforts to be made to strengthen the nation from its roots.

Not only did the nation suffer a lot from the British rule, it was totally paralyzed and took off its powers.

All this had to be restored right after the country gained independence and it was in the hands of our great leaders to do the transformation.

The nation saw an uprising in the events that followed. Many major financial decisions had to be taken to strengthen the economy of the nation.

The prime minister played a pivotal role in planning several departments and organizations that looked into nation building and strengthened the roots of the economic framework of India.  

Independence Day Speech in 500 words  

Respected dignitaries on stage, the honorable chief guest, our beloved principal, management, staff and students, I hereby extend my heartfelt wishes and welcome you all to be part of this year’s independence day celebrations.

Our country became free form British rule on the 15th of august 1947 and this day is celebrated every year to commemorate the victory of our nation over British rule.

Achieving freedom from British was not an easy task. Our leaders have fought day and night to overcome British harassment’s and finally achieved freedom in the midnight of 15th August, 1947.

The day is especially important in history because our nation was gifted with the first prime minister and he took in-charge of office to deliver his first ever key note address to the nation after independence.

The entire nation gathered at the red fort to have a glimpse of the ongoing celebrations of independence and be part of the historic milestone that changed many lives.

People gathered around midnight to see Pandit Nehru deliver the independence speech to the nation and it was recorder and aired by the All India Radio authorities all over India.

The nation and its people felt a sense of victory over British rule and finally emerged triumphant from the bitter clutches of British rule.

The British had finally consented to leave our country and allowed our great leaders in the nation building process.

The big responsibility of nation building now lied in the hands of the Indian leaders who had to start from scratch to get the economic wheel of the nation started on its toes.  

Many great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhai Patel etc. toiled hard to get India its independence.

People followed in the footsteps of their leaders and understood the intensity of the situation.

They took part in rallies that brought about a mass movement among people to spread awareness about the need for independence. People started boycotting foreign goods.

Only country made goods were being used. The entire nation saw an uprising. People from various walks of life gave up top positions in the British government to jump into the struggle for freedom.

Many people lost lives and gave up their homes and families to actively take part in the freedom struggle.

People launched various movements and walked bare foot from one region to another, bringing along various people from villages to jump into the struggle for freedom.

Such is the extent to which our leaders played a very crucial role in changing and shaping the country’s future. Even today we respect our great leaders and follow in their footsteps.

We have to fulfill their dreams of making our nation a developed one and foster rapid economic growth and stability. Leaders of our nation were not behind money making policies.

Their only agenda in life was freedom, complete freedom from British rule. They made sure to garner every Indian’s support for the same and people too actively participated.

Thus we should respect the contribution of our great leaders and celebrate the day to mark their sacrifice for our nation.  

History of  Independence Day 

For more than 200 years, our country was ruled by the British. They took siege of the entire country and slowly took charge of the political system of our country.

The socio-economic and cultural aspects of our country were captured by the British and they forced people to convert themselves into their beliefs.

Before long, the entire nation came under the paws of British men and they responded to orders passed by the England government.

They implemented rules that the England government forced upon the British rulers in India. India was soon converted into a supplier of raw materials. 

The struggle for independence first began with the Sepoy mutiny and the national uprising began soon after in 1857.

This uprising was a failure on the part of the Indian locals, but it gave widespread coverage to the spread of the term ‘independence’ to the whole nation.

Soon, the country saw the common people coming from their safe zones and participating liberally in the freedom struggle movement.

Women did not care about their families. They left their children behind and plunged into the freedom struggle.

During this melee, the country saw the Jallianwala Bagh massacre which took away lives of thousands and left many homeless and without families.  

Gandhi was a very influential factor in bringing the whole country in taking part in the freedom struggle movement and launched powerful campaigns against the British.

Some of these include the Salt Satyagraha, Swaraj movement, Chauri Chaura movement, the Dandi march etc.

All these later combined to form unison in terms of obtaining a complete freedom for India on the midnight of 14th august 1947.

Between the midnight of 14th august and the day if 15th august, India won its independence against the British rule. It was a long fought battle against the Britishers and the country deserved a big win against their atrocities.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru delivered his first speech in the Red fort.

This is famously called ‘Tryst with destiny’ which recollects and recounts the horrific experience of the countrymen under the British rule and gives every citizen of India a purpose to serve the country.  

The British rule saw many eminent personalities leave behind highly prestigious posts offered to them by the British for the sake of the nation.

The true colors of patriotism and the feeling of nationalism was thus collaborated one on one by every participating individual, which together culminated in attaining independence for the nation.  

 Some Interesting Facts about Independence Day 

 Here we present some very interesting facts about our independence day: 

  • Our country attained freedom from British rule in the midnight of august 14th, 1947. The Independence Day is thus celebrated on the 15th of august every year.  
  • Jawaharlal Nehru became the first prime minister of independence India.  
  • Mahatma Gandhi was declared the father of our nation.  
  • Mahatma Gandhi always resorted to peaceful ways of protesting and that is how he led all freedom struggle movements right from the first. 
  • Our national anthem was actually composed by Sri Rabindranath Tagore. The national anthem was sung after Pandit Nehru hoisted the tricolor flag in red fort after declaring the nation independent from British rule.  
  • Pandit Nehru delivered his first speech after independence, which is famously called ‘ tryst with destiny’ 
  • The most important fact about independence and India, being that our country, in the history of existence, has never tried to conquer or invade or proclaim powers over another country till date. India is a peace loving country and that is how it has been marked in historical pages of the world.  

Importance & Significance of  IndependenceDay  

Independence Day is a very important day in our lives as it reassures our living by teaching us the importance of freedom. Freedom cannot be misused.

We have to respect the freedom that we have got. We have to salute the soldiers who stand guard at the border areas of the nation, all time vigilant and watchful against enemy actions.

The country was freed from the British rule after a long struggle and hence the day of 15th august is very important to every Indian’s life.  

The future generations need to be told the significance of Independence Day. It so happens that after many years of achieving independence, the true signs of patriotism and nationalist ideals fade away into the dark.

This should not happen. We should teach our children about the sacrifice of our great leaders in the past. The day helps us to recount on the horrible experiences our forefathers had with the British.

Freedom did not come easy for them. It was a long struggle. Many lost their lives. Many lost their families. They made personal sacrifices to save the nation.

The motherland was above all for them. So, we must celebrate the day to signify their sacrifice and teach the younger generation the value of freedom and patriotism.  

Why do we celebrate IndependenceDay? 

Independence Day is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifice made by our great leaders  in achieving complete freedom for our country from the hands of Britishers.

For over 200 years, the land of India was captures and ruled by Britishers. They changed the whole picture of India.

They took siege of our values, educational system, religious beliefs, and cultural set up and tried to modify them according to their needs.

They introduced English to India. Press and other important media were taken over by the British and custom mad to cater to their needs.

People saw the damage caused to their moral souls. They could no longer take the harassment of the Britishers.

They launched a stiff struggle against them under the great leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and many others.

So we celebrate the 15th of August every year to re-ignite values of patriotism and to spread the word to the whole nation and future generations about our past glories and the way our country fought for its independence.  

IndependenceDay  Slogans 

  • Freedom was not delivered easily, it was a long fought battle. 
  • Freedom is not to be taken for granted, it is difficult to achieve it.  
  • Independence Day marks the true national spirit of the nation. 
  • The nation flutters in tricolor on the eve of Independence Day.  
  • True sense of patriotism and nationalist ideals  spread wings on the eve of Independence Day.  
  • Independence Day is an occasion to remember our long forgotten heroes and true leaders.  
  • The contribution of our great leaders towards our nation is like the never ending ocean.  
  • Freedom from the British rule was one of the most significant parts of India’s history.  


Independence Day marks the true spirit of nationalism and patriotic fervor of the nation. It celebrates the true spirit of being an Indian.

Let us all celebrate the day by spreading messages of love, peace, harmony and tranquility with one another.

Let us spread the message of universal brotherhood with our fellow countrymen and lead the country in a fast-paced direction of growth and development.  

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