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15th August 1947 is a special day in Indian history. This is because India won freedom form British rule on this day. Since then, the 15th August is celebrated every year as Independence Day throughout the country.

Independence Day is a day of pride and happiness for all Indians. It brings to mind the noble sacrifices made by our countrymen to make our country a free nation.

The most interesting and attractive Independence Day function is held on the ramparts of the Red Fort in the capital city of New Delhi. The Prime Minster unfurls the National Flag to the accompaniments of the National Anthem.

This is followed by a 21-gun salute after which the Prime Minister addresses the nation. On this day the tricolor flag flutters proudly atop all government offices and important private building.

On this day we especially recalled those leader who have fought for our Independence. The Independence Day is the pride day for Indians.

Leader like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Bhagat Singh, and so many. We should not forget their effort towards our nation.

We celebrate the most memorable day in our school. It is a day when our school sport ground is spotless. Students arrive at 8.00 a.m. sharp and begin getting into their class rows.

The class teachers are already there to see to the discipline. There is a lot of whispering, but no noise.

Quotes are written on the black board with color full chalk. When the chief guest arrives, there is cheering and clapping. The chief guest sits on the dais alongside the principal, the supervisor and the trustee of the management.

When the National Flag is unfurled, the whole school stands to attention and salutes the flag. The National Anthem is sung with great devotion.

There is a special salute and parade by the Boy Scouts. This is followed by some patriotic poems, songs and speeches by some of the students. The chief addresses the gathering and so does the principal.

The assembly finally sings the National Song. Sweets are distributed and the sports master gives the order for dispersal. The rest of day is holiday.

Many small residency societies too celebrate Independence Day. All society members are gathered at the campus of the society.

All children in the society wear white dress to indicate peace sign. The older society member is given an opportunity to host the flag.

The flag is unfurled and National song is sung. Sweets are circulated and then sports activities starts.

Independence Day Essay (150 Words)

We celebrate our Independence Day on the 15th of August every year. We must proud of the fact that our country is independent. We have freedom of thought in our country.

We have right to choose what to study when we grow up.

We can choose our occupation. All the citizens of our country have equal rights. However, independence does not mean that we can behave  as we wish. Look at Nature. Everything follow rules.

Ants walk in a queue. Bees are constantly working. We must be good citizens of independent India.

For this, we must have honesty, punctuality, perseverance and discipline. Good habits that are cultivated in childhood are of great use when we grow up.

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