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When we watch a cricket or a football match, what impresses us most is the teamwork. Every member knows of the team knows exactly what to do and how to try to win the match.

 All the team members support each other wholeheartedly and work for the benefit of the team. No one behaves in a selfish manner. On the contrary, there is much cooperation and solidarity.
And that is exactly what teamwork is all about its all about.

It is essential in every sphere of life, whether it is playing a game of cricket or governing the country. Nothing is possible unless all the members or participants cooperate and work together as a whole.
Generally, for any team to be successful there has to be a good team leader.

The leader should be able to inspire team spirit in the members of his teams he must be encouraging, yet firm. He should be able to make the members of his team understand that the team comes first, and personal ambition should be pushed to the background.

An example of excellent teamwork can be seen in the boat races of Kerala where all those on a boat are rowing at exactly the same speed. No one is growing faster or lower, or trying to be better than the other. If even one person does it, the rhythm will be lost, and so will be the race.

An orchestra is another excellent example of teamwork here, too, of even one person is out of tune, or does not play in harmony along with the others; the entire song or musical composition is ruled.
Today, in schools, colleges and at workplaces, a lot of emphasis is put on teamwork.

It is essential that one learns to work comfortably in a team, and does his or her part sincerely. Only then will the individual gain success for the team and for him.

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