Importance of Science and Technology in Our Daily Life

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To be candid, science has proved to be a boon for the mankind. Without the development in science and technology, humans without have been nowhere today. It is a boon as it has made our lives easy and comfortable.

There was a time when a mundane letter or a postcard used to take months to reach the intended destination. Travelling from one place to another was a common activity back then. But with the development in science and technology, the scenario has completely changed.

People used to travel on bullock carts and tongas back then when they had no access to the luxuries of technology. We have motor vehicles, air planes and modern ships to help in reaching the destination comfortably and well in home. Getting fresh news from other part of the world was only a prized dream back then.

But thanks to the development in science, the things have undergone a drastic change. News now travels at the speed of light and does not go unnoticed by any person. Due to this, people have become aware. Practically, machines and gadgets have taken all our jobs-physical as well as mental.

A computer can undertake complicated activities and produce accurate results. All this is undertaken with speed and accuracy. Even computers are available in different shapes and sizes. Human has been successful in compressing the computer brain as well. A cricket match taking place in Oval stadium of England can be watched instantly in the comfort of our bedroom on a TV screen.

It is questionable that science has gifted us various things which are uncountable… From a simple invention like fire, wheel; human has gone to explore a plethora of discoveries and inventions.

Some of these are mobile phones, ipods, air conditioner, televisions etc. The list is endless. The development in electronics has revolutionized the concept of communication. With the help of cell phones, we are now able to talk to a man sitting in Antarctica.

All this has been possible with the development of a huge network. This network was laid through the extensive use of satellites which transit signals.

The internet has brought about a drastic change in our lives. We can retrieve any information in a flick of a second by just tapping on the mouse or telephone screens. The introduction of social media in the life of people has made staying in touch easier.

Family and friends have grown closer to us despite the physical distance. We can always see what they are up to in their lives. It helps us feel more connected to them and gives personal satisfaction. But sometimes we are compelled to think what kind of lives our ancestors led.

They had no electricity, no means of transportation, no computers and internet, what to think of a TV. There life was replete with monotony with no recreation whatsoever. All they did was working from dawn till dusk for some pennies.

Today, earning in the comforts of our homes has become so easy. Work from home jobs is available wherein you don’t need to meet the employer in a physical state. All you need to do is send your work and you are paid according direct in your bank account. How easy has the life become with e-wallets.

There is no doubt in the fact that science and technology has helped in improving our lifestyle. It has made our jobs easy and comfortable. The progress in science and technology has made our life more charming and beautiful. It is due to the gift of science only that we live in big houses today.

We are exposed to the best medical and education infrastructure and facilities. The progress in science, in general has left no field untouched from the magic it can create. India is an agrarian economy. Till date also 70% of India’s economy is dependent on agriculture and farming.

The green revolution in 1970’s saw the introduction of machines, new technologies, high yielding variety increase in the production and income as well. Our export sector benefited and earned the farmers a lot of revenue. Similarly development in health industry has increased the life expectancy of the humans. Investment in education sector directly contributes to human capital formation in long run. Human capital is that makes the use of all the resources.

We owe it to science for letting us explore the red-beauty Mars and the flawless moon. Technology has developed to an extent from where there is no looking back. We have developed machines and gadgets for almost every task we perform. It has got crazy to the extent that science and technology can also be used for mass destruction. But sustainable use of technology along with environmental concern will do no harm to the humans.

Technology if used negatively can bring destruction to the mankind. But if it is used keeping in mind its destructive nature, its potential can be tapped to the utmost extent. This would not cause any potential harm to our surroundings and us.

Today, we have topped the energy nature provides us to generate electricity and fuel our cars. Different means of tapping energy include thermal power plants, hydroelectricity, tidal electricity, geothermal energy etc.. Nature’s resources should be used sustainably. We want our future generations to tap the benefits of these resources.

Science and technology has taken us a long way ahead in the pursuit of progress and development. The changes in technology and advancement are so rapid. It is very difficult to keep up pace with the advancing technology. But this technological innovation is only a proof of how much we have developed.

Just like a tree grows out of its roots, we have also grown and developed out of our primitive lifestyle. But all this has happened only due to the contribution of science and technology. The aids and comfort human has received is all due to the hard work of some scientists and technicians.  The world will always owe them for this.

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