Speech on Importance of Safety Harnesses

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Good morning to one and all present over here. On this auspicious day today, I am going to speak on the topic of safety harnesses. It is a matter of great honour for me to have been chosen to deliver the speech in front of my esteemed teachers and my loving friends and classmates. I humbly request your attention and beg your pardon for any mistakes that will be made if at all. Please feel free to correct me wherever I am wrong. I am open to suggestions.

First of all, in order to know about safety harnesses, we must be clear about the idea of safety. So, what is safety? Let me clear it to you from the perspective of what happens when we do not follow safety. Whenever we talk about safety we talk lot about injuries.

We often tell people you are going to enjoy doing that but be careful so you don’t have an injury. The problem with that is most people do not have severe injuries very often and they think that our warnings are unnecessary. Sometimes all warnings become an irritation to them and they say that it will never happen.

One might tell you that he hasn’t had an injury in years but that doesn’t mean that you are not exposed to risks in those years. The world is filled with risks and there are chances that we are exposed to them on a daily basis. It is because of this reason that safety is so much important.

We have often heard about the phrase prevention is better than cure. Safety is the paramount pivotal point of this phrase. It is safety that helps us prevent injuries and prolong our lives. Safety harnesses are an extremely important agent of safety.

It helps us to secure our lives and ensure that we are safe from all sorts of risks that we might encounter. Safety harness is a shot of equipment designed to protect us or any object from injury or damage that might result in loss of property, wealth or life.

The harness is a mechanical joint between a non-moving and a moving object which is primarily composed of a rope or cable like structure with a locking mechanism. Safety harnesses maybe improvised and tailor made in order to shoot a particular purpose.

Some safety harnesses have a combination of shock absorbers and Struts which may be used to manipulate the quickness with which the finishing part of the room is reached. This type of safety harness is commonly seen in bungee jumping and trekking sports.

Safety harnesses for prevention of untoward incidents and falls from huge heights activities involving workplace hazards like in factories or window cleaning, etc., are made in accordance to specific standards issued by various organizations like the ANSI or the American national standards institute of the United States, by the CSA which is the Canadian standards Association in Canada, or by the BIS or the Bureau Indian Standards of India.

The standards with which these harnesses meet a renew approximately every 4 to 5 years so that it is always ensure that the latest version of the standard is used. Safety harnesses made without the standard should never be used and are extremely unreliable.

Most safety harnesses are equipped with assistant known as fall protection system or FPS. This system is like the auto cut system which stops any sudden failure of the safety harness. Fall safety equipment’s of class 1 level include body belts single or double D ring are designed to stop a person from falling in a hazardous work position within 3 feet of fall.

Chest harnesses of class 2 level are used when there are only limited fall hazard. Full body harnesses card design to prevent completely free falls and are of class 3 classification. These are usually used in rock climbing, Mountaineering and bungee jumping.

We might be doing the safest thing in the world but the absence of injury does not necessarily translate to the presence of safety. Safety harnesses maybe of various forms like seat belts, child safety seats, roller coaster straps, pilot seats in Aeroplanes with harnesses.

What is most important to note here is that nothing is more important than our lives and we often perform activities which are extremely endangering.

You must realize that it takes only one bad move to die but every one of you must realize that and should be careful every time. Everyone should be aware of this and recognize the importance of safety harnesses and spread this news and question our near and dear ones so that we have a healthy and safe surrounding.

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