Essay on Importance of English Language for Children & Students

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Language is our primary source of communication, a method through which we share our ideas among each other’s.  English is nothing but a mere language used by a particular country.

We have seen that all the state and countries have their own language which is used by them for their day to day transactions and in their daily routine. Taking in consideration, languages differ basis the place and the people living in the particular countries .For eg – French is used by people living in France and Japanese by people living in Japan.

In India, as it is a country of diversity so their many languages spoken by the different people. It is observed that there’s a communication gap due to different languages making it difficult when multiple languages are used in a common place. It is not necessary or obligatory that an individual should be having knowledge of each and every regional and international languages present in the current world.

Keeping mind the difficulty faced the people. English was chosen as a common language to be spoken by all nations and countries to clear the gap formed during communications.

The importance of English increased in the life’s of people for the purposes of communications and transactions both within the nation as and outside the nation. Since communicating in regional language with other countries increased the issues and did not provide solutions as it was difficult to communicate and put forth the views and ideas and needs faced by the countries to the fellow nations and countries.

As time passed, the implementation of the English language increased in school and college in order to make a child to take part in the competitive world. As we can see that the increasing implementation of English had increased in various things like on products and studies the demand and importance of English increased in our life   .

 To be a part of the growing and revolutionary world, knowing English was important so the same were now a part of the school module making it a primary language along with an added- qualification in job requisite for a better job and position.

Thus seeing the above position and needs of countries English language places an important part in our daily transaction and routines making English an undetectable and main part of our communication.

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