Essay on Importance of Books in our Life

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The famous belief that books are one’s best friend is indeed highly justified. It is something which always remains with us throughout our lives.

The process of reading books enables us to have an altogether different experience which not only widens our knowledge, but also helps us in becoming better human beings.

It harnesses our minds and develops in us, the skill to reflect upon certain issues which can only be understood when we read about them.

A famous philosopher named, Rene Descartes said, “I think, therefore, I am”, which immediately defines the exclusive power given to man to think and ponder.

Therefore, we are considered to be superior beings. However, the process of thinking cannot be accomplished in a vacuum.

It is only when we read a book or for that matter books that we tend to develop the cognitive ability to think and reflect. It is here that the importance of a book becomes highly crucial.

A book acts as our friend, philosopher and guide. It is something which can never lead us astray.

In fact, the author of any book releases it because she/he knows that words on paper are not mere words, they act as swords with which man can fight the battle of one’s life. It is not possible to keep a track of everything in one’s mind.

Hence, books are written to that people may refer back to them for respective purposes. The act of both writing and reading is a certain kind of intellectual discourse in itself.

When the author writes a book, the purpose is not to impress her/his readers. Rather, the purpose is to be honest with what she/he writes.

The interpretations are left open to the readers. Now, when the reader reads the respective book, the meanings become subjective. There is an understanding of writer’s perspective as well as reader’s perspectives at the same time.

This constant chain with respect to the importance of a book is highly essential. It is this process which keeps the world going on.

All great minds have been avid readers of books. Books entail meditation which is essential at all the phases of one’s life.

Be it leisure time, academic preoccupation or for the purpose of gaining knowledge, the importance of a book is multifaceted and cannot be limited to only certain benefits.

For example, if we take the example of fairy tale genre of books, the narrative transports its readers to an altogether utopian world wherein the purpose is to provide relief to the tired minds of the readers.

For example, the book, Alice in wonderland is very beautiful in its narration and immediately, it amazes the readers and builds a beautiful world around her/him.

Likewise, the sci-fi books which entail adventures, provides the readers with the experience of lots of amazing ideas which are exciting nature. An example to this can be the Harry Potter series which are an experience in themselves.

Similarly, there are other inspirational, didactic and philosophical books which are meant to the respective tastes and mood of the readers.

However, one thing which is common in all kinds of books is that all of them make the readers aware of certain important issues which make them broad-minded. Also, the socio-political scenario of each book plays its own important role.

The importance of book also lies in the fact that it emancipates us and our thoughts so that we do not have limited way of looking at different situations.

Life is vast and it throws a plethora of situations in front of us. Our approach to each one of them matters a lot.

When we read more and more books, our approach towards life also changes accordingly and we become more and more mature.

There is no scope of betrayal when it comes to our relationship with a book.  A book never asks anything in return. It has the ability to have an ever giving nature which only implores us to know more and more.

Knowledge helps us to remain out of the existential crisis which is highly prevalent during twenty first century.

In today’s world where it is very difficult to find a purpose in one’s life, a book provides us with many directions.

The only thing that we can do to a book is to pay it respect and be honest when we read it. It is as powerful and deep as ocean. One single book has the capacity to evoke several thoughts in our minds.

It is these thoughts that may help in bringing about substantial changes in the society.

All our great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam, Jawaharlal Nehru and many more are our role models because they used to read a lot and have also written several books.

Perhaps, that is why, they brought such substantial changes in the society.

The words written on the pages of a book have the magic to drive us towards a balance in life. We begin to understand all kinds of nuances and feelings which exist in the universe.

Indeed, a book is a microcosmic entity which includes the universe in a handful of pages.

Such is the enigma of a book. We don’t realize and suddenly we become active members of our society.

That is why, from our primary education, we are taught the importance of books and are made to read so many kinds of books. This is because any constructive act needs a trigger point.

A book acts as the trigger of one’s mind and heart. It makes us be involved in the mental exercise which in turn keeps us happy, contended and prevents us from falling in the trap of inaction. It is not possible to read each and every book.

But, it is possible to read one book and experience everything with that. So, next time, if you feel that you are not able to find a meaning in life, grab a book and read it.

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