Essay on Importance of Good Health in Our Life

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Have you ever woken up one day, and felt really heavy in the head, find it difficult to breathe and feel like staying in bed all day? Then yes, symptoms indicate that you either have a case of cold or mild fever, meaning your health has deteriorated.

This then affects your mood and gives you a really bad start to the day. But issues regarding your health can get way more serious than getting you in a bad mood. It is for this reason that we must take good care of our health.

Glimpse into the past

Health issues have been a reason of concern since ancient times. Diseases have been rampant from the early days. The prehistoric man considered these illnesses a sign of wrath from the Gods.

The people who contracted these diseases were considered cursed and people would quarantine and abandon them, instead of taking care of their health.

It was only after the discovery of microorganisms and pathogens, that man knew that these diseases were an effect of these organisms entering and invading our bodies.

Fitness was not a major concern of the prehistoric man, since they be used to hunt down animals and other prey themselves, keeping them in good levels of fitness. Also, every task used to be manual, which prevented the man from leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Hygiene and cleanliness were the only cause of concern for these people, as proper methods of sanitation were not introduced yet. As man became more industrious, the amount of manual work started to reduce as machines started to take over from the humans.

Man started getting more and more free time, and in turn, activities reduced. The work that used to require 10 men, now only required one that is to operate the machine. But as they started to get more free time, other forms of activity, like sports and games gained prominence.

And as science and technology advanced, more and more methods to make human life easier started to get introduced. Now, as the corporate lifestyle got introduced, man lost the reason to go out and exert himself.

Office goers neither have the proper time nor motivation to engage in physical activity, thus leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Current situation

The lack of proper activity has adverse effects on your health. These effects are slow to show, but sure to develop over time. Our muscles get weaker, bones start to bend and in turn, get more brittle.

Our stamina gets reduced to nothing, and we start to huff and cough after climbing just a few flights of stairs. Hygiene and cleanliness are other ways to keep healthy. If we are careful to not eat or drink anything from unknown sources, take care of proper sanitation, then the chances of you contracting a disease is greatly reduced.

These are Good habits that have to be developed at home. Washing hands after going to the washroom, only drinking boiled water, eating Joel cooked food etc. are the few the many sanitary etiquettes that we are taught since we are kids.

We give small kids doses of vaccination early in life, to develop their immune system against a number of diseases like polio, smallpox etc.


We have to be very careful about sanitation, because our health is the most important element for our survival. We can only completely focus on the task hand when we are in good health and sense of awareness.

A sick person is usually in a bad mood and can barely get any work. This is reason that companies include sick leave days into the employee contract. It is very clear that bad health greatly hinders productivity.

But there are diseases and ailments that occur, despite how clean or healthy a lifestyle you lead. These are genetically passed down diseases, diseases that occur due to old age and reasons completely unrelated to your lifestyle.

Cancer, heart diseases etc. can be contracted by anyone, regardless of your lifestyle and health. Then there are certain diseases that occur due to the pollutants, chemicals in the environment, like lead. Lead poisoning is prominent in mine workers.

Also, radiation poisoning occurs to people who engage with radioactive substances on a daily basis. We thus, have to take good care of our health, because everything else lost can be regained, but you only have this one life to live.

As we know the famous proverb ” Health is wealth“. So, It is very importance to take any health issue seriously.

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