Need and Importance of Health Education in India Essay

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Health education means learning about importance of social, mental, physical health. By learning it child gradually learns how to maintain their body, how to keep themselves and their family healthy, how to stay fit in day to day routine, how to keep their mind healthy. Health education gives children to improve their skills, knowledge and how to bring positive attitude.

It is very necessary to take care of emotion, social, physical and mental health. Effective school health program can improve awareness among students. World health organization (WHO) promotes school health program as a strategic mean to prevent health.

Many schools do not pay attention about the importance of health education subject; they consider it as a burden. But health education is very essential and necessary subject to go through.

Health education builds knowledge and attitudes about health. It does not concentrate on being healthy only. It makes students to make healthy choices when grow older.

Health education helps students to understand the danger of smoking, drinking alcohol and using illicit drugs.

It helps to understand how to prevent health disease, various injuries.

There are many question arises such as why there is need of health education? And what should be the quality of health education?

Need to care about Health Education

Health is a planned outcome. Health education can improve the economy of nation. The critical problem in our nationwide is obesity crises. It is easier to teach them about health education other than controlling them.

Improved health education can reduce the risk of lives because the health effects of obesity are very devastating. Obesity is contributing in heart disease, some type of cancer and arthritis. There are a very large number of annual deaths related to obesity.

Health education can spread knowledge about side effects of consuming tobacco, poor nutrition, drug, alcohol.

Certified health educator can provide best opportunity to promote positive health education. They can provide them knowledge about adolescence. It is very necessary for the students of age 13-15 to have knowledge about adolescence.

Quality of health education

Quality of health education should include national health education standards. These standards focus on increasing functional health knowledge and the skills of students, these skills include knowing how to use the valid health education.

There is a strong relationship between health education and health literacy. Health literacy is the capacity of people to understand, interpret and learn from it. Health literacy is to ensure that health education is necessary.

If the quality of health education will be improved then students will understand how to keep themselves healthy and they can also spread information and knowledge about importance of health education by campaigning or by other means.

Quality also depends on how someone teaches the subject and what are the contents of subject. Health education is not only related to sports and having healthy meals. It is also related to social health.

It is our collective responsibility to spread information about qualitative and quantitative health education.

Health education can become more effective if parents will also take interest in learning this subject. Parents can complement about what children are learning in school by seeing their daily activities and changes in them.

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to parents to say their children not to use alcohol and smoke. But through health education they can get knowledge about the side effects of health education. Students also need to know about the disease like AIDS, STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease).

Many parents hesitate to talk about sex, reproduction. With sexual topics and other areas of health students can build general information.

Seminars related to health education can promote health education. Even this education can be given at home.

Importance of health education is related to importance of life. Without health life is no more than a pitiful. It is said that healthy mind exists in healthy body. To keep our mind healthy it is necessary to keep our body healthy. In this subject other than learning students can get interest in this subject.

Not only in schools, is it also necessary for college students to learn about health education. Whatever the knowledge we will acquire today will be carried with us until death.So it is better to learn during school days to improve health of individual and also to improve the health of nation.

Too many people ignore the facts of basic health, they believe in living today in spite of considering the future side effects.

Health education is the process which effects changes in the health practices of students. Health is important and indispensable factor of life. Without health one can become burden to others also.

Health education is foundation of public health. Health can also be improved by health education. So it is very necessary in schools to teach health education.

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