Speech on Importance of Good Manners

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Good morning respected principle, teachers and all my dear friends today we have gathered and I am going to speak on the topic “good manners are important”. I beg you of your co operation throughout the time that I present my speech. 

We all know that our society has developed through the ages. Man used to live a barbaric life earlier with herds of animals. He was rough and harsh. By and by as humans evolved, civilizations sprang up, man become gentler courteous.

He devised some norms of society which has to be followed to lead peaceful and normal life. His behaviour with others also changed with time. Before there was no specific method while mixing with others. But with the development of society words like ‘politeness’, ‘courtesy’, ‘manners’, ‘behaviour’ came into existence’. 

Manners are what build our character. There can be good manners and bad manners. Bad manners are those that spoil our name. When we behave badly with others, when we are rude or do not talk to them properly for example at that time it is called bad manners.

But good manners are that which will help us to build a good impression about ourselves in the society. It frames our character. If we have a good character then people will want to be in our company. It sends off good vibes from us. 

It is the children who have to be taught the proper manners. Children are like soft clay. Guardians and teachers are like their potters. They have to shape their character with their own hands. If the good manners are not taught right from childhood they’ll grow up to be individuals with bad manners in the near future.

It is hard to change some bad habits once you grow up. Nowadays teenagers are engrossed in smart phones. Maximum part of the day they spend looking at their 5-inch phone screens. How will they learn good manners if they have no contact with their family?

This is also the reason why there are so many news about the youngsters in the newspapers. Suicidal attempts, robbery, bomb blasts, maximum of them involve the teens. 

But on the other side of the coin it is not like every teen is filled with bad manners. There are also individuals who are well behaved and possess all the qualities of good manners. This depends on the family backgrounds and also the environment one grows up in. 

I am listing a few good manners that every child should be taught to follow. 

  • Never cutting off someone’s sentence in the middle to project your views. First let the other person finish his speaking, then it will be your turn to speak 
  • Always speaking in a low voice when you are in the company of elders. Respect their presence. 
  • Leaving your seat in the local transport for the old people, ladies and children. 
  • Not shaking legs when sitting at a table 
  • Not to start eating when everyone is not at the table. 
  • Washing hands before eating 
  • Covering up the mouth with hands or cloth before sneezing or coughing. 
  • Telling ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ whenever you ask for something or receive something. 
  • Sharing is another important quality that has to be taught. Nobody likes a selfish kid 
  • Saying ‘excuse me’. This shows that you have consideration for others. 
  • Sitting in a good posture 
  • Speaking less listening more. Good listeners are always more valuable than loud boasters. 

There are many more such qualities which can be followed. Here is the list of only a few of them. We have to learn all the manners to lead a simple and healthy life. These points that I just stated are simple to follow right? Then why shouldn’t we do it? There are people whose behaviour changes with the places. If they are in some sophisticated place they behave according to that.

But at home their behaviour with their family members is very rough. Such people wear a mask of being good outside to show people. But at home their true face comes out. A person is a gentleman who when he maintains his good manners both outside as well as inside the house. 

I want to conclude my speech by saying that whether you will build a good character for yourself or a bad one is entirely your choice. But whatever you choose to be, keep the future in mind. Bad actions can often lead to bad results. Every action has equal and opposite reaction.

Hence be good to others. Others will be good to you. Only then can you understand the importance of good manners. Why not give others happiness with your existence when you can easily present one? 

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