Essay on If I were the Principal of My School (323 Words)

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The principal is the head of a school or a college. His post is full of great responsibility. He has to run the school efficiently, supervise the staff and work as a role model. The Principal should be honest and hardworking. He has to be living example of simple living and high thinking.

He should also be a good leader and most importantly, a good administrator too. If I were the principal of my school, the first thing that I would do would be to unite all staff members and students.

Their unity would help me achieve the goals that I have set forth for myself for the betterment of the school.

My emphasis would be to provide quality education to my students. For this, the students would require clean classrooms and a healthy atmosphere to study. I would advise my teacher to pay personal attention to the students and their problems.

I would try to have friendly, cordial relations with my staff and subordinates.For this I would try to be a loving family member for them. I would give patient hearing to their problems and do my best to sort them out. I would go out of my way to achieve this goal.

Besides paying full attention to studies, extra-curricular activities would also be taken care of. Each student would be taken care of. Each student would be made to participate in at least two activities. I would encourage my staff and students to take part in school dramas, debates and various other sporting activities in which they may be interested.

We have a very big playground for outdoor sports and a gym for indoor activities. Various other sporting facilities, like tennis court, badminton court, table-tennis hall, and a swimming pool are also a part of our school sporting facilities.

They would be utilized to the best of their capacity. Participation in games and sports would be made compulsory for all students.

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