If I were an Astronaut (995 Words)

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As a human being we have certain limitations. We are bound to certain things. We love the sky. We adore the beauty of sky.

The blue and white blanket spread all over the sky gives a sense of completeness and relief. It gives us peace. It feels so relaxing to look at the sky high above from the ground below. We adore the beauty of moon.

The moon is known for its mesmerizing appearance. We compare the beauty of an ordinary human being with the moon. We adore the beauty of sky at night. The sky which is filled with shining stars looks captivating.

The stars twinkle in the sky which is very amazing to look at. The beauty of the cosmic nature is so empowering. This beauty makes people sit for hours gazing at it in complete amusement.  

We human beings are bound to certain limitations. We can-not experience whatever we wish to. We are deprived of the experience of the beauty from the close proximity.

Yes, it is true that we can look at moon. Yes, it is true that we can look at the sky.

These all things present in the nature are visible t us but the sad part is we can-not experience them. We can-not feel the beauty.

We can-not touch the moon. We can-not touch the stars. We can-not play with the stars. It is not possible for us to do.

This is not the case which can be true for an ordinary human being. I love gazing at the sky filled with stars. I can sit for long to praise the beauty of the sky.

This is so magical a view for me. Far from our reach yet so captivating and tempting.  

A NASA astronaut testing out a propulsion unit during an untethered spacewalk

Image Credit: Source

Nature has no comparison with any of the man made things. Nature is powerful. Nature is magnificent. Nature is beautiful.

We all have learned about the solar system. We all know that there are planets in our solar system. But we all have the theoretical knowledge of all these things.

We have never seen them. We have seen the photographs available on the internet. There is no personal experience to it.

We know there are nine planets in our solar system. We know that the name of our galaxy is the milky-way galaxy. We know the name of the planets like Mercury.

We have the planet Venus. We have the planet mars. We have the planet Jupiter and many more. We have never seen them in personal. This is where the limitations of an ordinary human being bounds. 

But as it is there that man has made every -thing possible similarly this is also possible.  We can go on the moon. We can land on the moon.

We can touch the moon. We can live there for a while. All these things are possible. There are inventions of rockets that have made these things possible. The rockets go into the sky.

There is a branch of science which deals with all these comic phenomena. People have been sent to moon from earth.

The first man to go to the moon was the Neil Armstrong. From India Kalpana Chawla went to the moon and lived there. But unfortunately while returning she died.

These people are known as astronauts. Not everybody is eligible to go to the outer space. They need to be capable enough to qualify and become an astronaut.  

If I were an astronaut I would be very excited. I would be very happy. I would go to the outer-space. I would make people jealous of me because of my powers.

If I were an astronaut I would always have a chance to go the space unlike others. I would personally adore the beauty of sky.

Since there is no gravity in the space I would float all the time. I would float and dance. I would eat without the spoon because the spoon would also start to float.

I always wanted to fly. If I were an astronaut I would float which would give me the similar kind of experience.

I would go on the moon. I would hoist the flag of my country on the moon. I would stay there at the moon. I would closely examine each and everything over there.

I would see the stars twinkling. I would go and touch them. It would be very pleasing and memorable. 

I would look for the traces of life on moon. I would see if any kind of vegetation is possible there or not. I would find if there is availability of oxygen or not.

I would find if there is any trace of water or not. Since our planet earth is getting devoid of the resources day by day.

There will be a day when it will no more remain suitable to live. The pollution has increased. The population has increased. The demand of food is increased. The demand of products has increased.

There is enormous cutting of trees. The important non-renewable resources like oil and petroleum has depleted to a large extent. Taking into consideration all these things it has become necessary to have an option.  

If I were an astronaut I would keep all these factors in my mind. I would do this for the welfare of the people. If I were an astronaut I would enjoy the beauty of moon.

I would walk on the moon. I would play on the moon. I would dance on the moon. I would look to the other planets as well.

I would go to mars. I would see the red planet personally. I would bring the sand of mars to our planet. I would feel the heat of the sun. I would enjoy the peace and calmness of the silence in the space.

I would enjoy my each and every moment in the space. If I were an astronaut I would get to experience the things that an ordinary human can never experience. 

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