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Maybe, if I ever picked up my pen at 3 am in the night, I would become a writer. Writers are generally seen as emotional people who out their hearts in their piece of writing. A writer makes the subject of his piece of writing immortal by engraving it on paper. Though the subject comes alive with his magical ink yet the author dies every moment retiring those memories. 

Men may come and men may go but I shall go on forever famously said by Shakespeare. Do you realize that the human body is mortal but the writings that this mortal body provides are immortal? The legacy of works of writers is passed on from generation to generation with the word of mouth or from written records.

People seem to imbibe and inculcate the ideas and lessons in their own life from the writings authors create. People might not remember the writer but the work of a writer never fades into oblivion. 

A writer is a symbolism for a life full of dreams. Writers give meaning to the world of literature. They wrap the world of fantasies on their fingers to provide their readers with a writings so deep that it sends chills down their spines. My favorite writers include Stephenie Meyer, John Green, Nicholas Sparks and many more. These people inspire me to think out of the box.  

Literature is a beautiful world to dwell in just like a dream. It helps you experience things you never thought you would. It helps you to recognize your hidden talents and discover feelings you never thought you harbored. But the bliss you experience in reading is written by a writer from the depth of his heart. The writer digs out the core of his soul to present it to the readers so that the reader is able to understand the message put across in an easy manner.  

If I were got a chance to become writer by some fortune, I would use my skills to change the world and their perseverance for literature and the writer.

If I were a Writer essayA writer wears his heart on his sleeves and serves to the reader on a platter. A writer loves keeping the reader on his toes. I want to become that person who has a lot of empathy and sensitivity in their hearts just like writers do.

Writers use their pen to bring out many issues which the society is facing but finds difficult to admit those problems. Even I want to be that writer with whom the society can establish a connection.  

I have always had a keen eye for literature. I admire art in all its forms. Literature to me is a piece of art, a beautiful one at that. It provides meaning to the life of people and our action as well. It explains why we do, what we do. I want to be the writer who connects with people`s hearts and brings out the emotions they have been feeling without their explanations.  

Every writer is unique and a different style. I want my style to stand out among all writers and impresses people. I have even thought about how I want my book to be live.

I will write a romantic thriller revolving around social issues. But my character will be based in India. I will use a beautiful international setting for my work. I will also make sure to explore the dark side of life in my novel. This way I will balance the literature piece which will leave an everlasting impression on my readers.  

I am waiting for the day that dawns upon me when I will publish my own book. I have even thought out a little for my book, `love immemorial` but as of now I am working on the plot to be catchy and mind-boggling. I want my book to be perfect.

The book should be an ideal one which captures heart of the readers from all over the world. I want my book to be praised and loved by one and all. That day I will see my long last dreams of becoming a writer turning out to be a truth.  

I know that recognition in the field of writing comes after a bit of hard work and patience. The dreams I have set out for myself are a big reality to achieve.  But that does not stop me from thinking big. I am learning and will always continue to do so. My passion for writing and literature will take me places I have never been before and will open new avenue of opportunities for me.  

It is often said that a writer`s mind and body are always present in two different places. This is because their mind is always traveling to places they want to explore and write about. The most beautiful thing of a writers mind is that he can make small trivial things seem very beautiful.

A writer can go for about hours and hours just describing the beauty of the moon. Their mind has a creative bent to it and they learn to see things differently and creatively because of their inclination for art.  

A writer is the one through whom societies learn to express their thoughts. Readers are exposed to multiple cultures which broadens their horizon and expense of thinking.

It develops the minds of reader as well as writers. I want to be a writer who inspires generations to come. I want to be the writer people talk about in high regard and esteem. I want my work to be that beauty that it sets a niche for itself in this field.

The definition of a perfect literature piece will never exist due to divergent opinions of people. But yeah! Whatever strikes a hold with their heart and talks to them as if the book was the biography of their life; is a perfect piece of writing for me. And, the writer who is able to do that is the best writer to me.  

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