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Vegetables form a necessary part of all lives. But have you ever fantasized about being a vegetable? Well, I have. Weird, right?

But this is me and I am weird. I always wanted to live life onion size. If I ever had a chance to be born a vegetable,

I would certainly love to be an onion

An onion completely describes my personality and my emotions. What is even more fascinating is that onions grow in soil. The most beautiful and important vegetable grows in the soil.

I have risen from roots to stand on a pedestal where I am today. My roots bind me and keep me grounded to the land which molded me.

The onion grows out to sprout into what we call is a Green Onion. A Green Onion is tender and sensitive just like my childhood was.

A child can be molded in whatever shape environment gives it. Thus, the same way the breed of an onion decides its physical characteristics and if it is thin, lean or round.

With time, a Green Onion ripens into a fully grown Onion. An onion consists shades of mauve and pink which are my favorite colors.

The ripened onion is hard at the core and soft at the outer layers. Onion’s skin its soft and can be easily pulled off but its core is hard.

Onion Onion looks soft from outside but is very hard at inner core.

The same way I can perform any given task under high pressure. I am very tough to break from inside.

I am an emotional person at heart but I don’t let that get in way with who I am in front of the world.

I am taught to be tough as nails since a child. My parents wanted to prepare me for the world out there at a very young age.

I was groomed and nurtured with love and care, just like a farmer cares for his vegetables.

Onion is never eaten as a main dish but it is used to enhance flavor in all dishes. I want to be that versatile and accommodating to every situation I face.

Onion is pungent and is difficult to slice. Tears are shed in the process of cutting onions.

This just enhances furthers the fact that breaking me will be a tough task. Onion’s odor is just like my personality.

I am a straightforward person and a bit tough on my tongue but I let someone inside my head, I never let them go.

When an Onion is fried, it turns into a beautiful shade of golden. Similarly, when I entrust someone with my most vulnerable state, I expect them to see the beauty and not the shady part of me.

An onion can be mild, sweat or pungent. Some people can withstand its pungent smell and enjoy its company while others are reduced to tears. An onion is very similar to me.

Sometimes I am a little aggressive and sometimes I am sweet too. The intense side of my nature signifies the pungent odour of onion which makes people cry.

But when this onion is fried it becomes sweeter and softer like me. When I am tenderized I become sweet too.

People pull onion’s skin thinking of reaching a sweeter end but sometimes they never reach and get stuck in its layers. It shows my personality.

Onion and I are very similar to one another. When onion is added to a dish for garnishing the dish gets complete. Similarly when I am done with my task, I just want it to end.

The raw side of onion depicts my open wounds which cry for help. The sliced side of an onion shows that I am in control but falling apart piece by piece. Diced side of onion shows that I am diced up to an inch of my life.

Benefits of an onion

Vegetables make our diet healthy. On whom takes right amount of fruits and vegetables is considered healthy.

Now a day’s obesity is a major problem faced by the people of our country. Obese people have to cut their diet cause of many problems for them.

Onion helps a lot in maintaining weight as it adds bulk to your salad and can be added raw or cooked in your dish to make it consumable.

Onion doesn’t add calories to your body. Eating a plate full of salad is not only good for your health but at the same time helps in weight management also.

Onions have photochemical along with vitamin C which improves our immunity. It also has chromium which also helps in regulating blood sugar.

From ages onions have been used for reducing inflammation and to heal infections. Onion supplies the body soluble flaranoids and antioxidant compounds that fight free radicals.

These flaranoids helps in thinning the blood and thus reducing inflammation and fighting cancer too. In addition to all these nutrients that an onion has it is also a rich source of sulphur.

The sulphur compounds preneuts platelet in our blood to cluster and risk of heart stroke decreases. So it is very beneficial for heart patients also. An onion contains a special type of soluble fiber known as fructan.

Fructan in turn promotes the growth of colon infection of intestine. So onion also helps in bowel movement of our body.

From ages onion`s is being used to treat various hair related problems due to its high sulphur content. Onion juice is very helpful in preventing hair loss.


Onion has always run my source of inspiration and has fascinated me since when I saw it and learnt about it from my elders.

It’s qualities and my mineral values are excellent which is what wants me to excel in every arena of life with my skills and qualities.

It teaches me the lesson that how to be polite and humble even after withstanding so much difficulties of life. I too fit in this world just like as an onion when garnished over dishes makes it a perfect dish.

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