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The role of a teacher is very essential in every individual’s life. They are the one who teaches us what is right and what is wrong.

They are the one who teaches us what is to be done and what not to be. They are the guiding people. They are self-less. They are very devoted towards us.

They know their responsibility and maintain it very well. They can never play with any- one. After parent’s they are the one who make our life. They are the one who works for our betterment.

They show us path towards success. They do not have any personal benefit of motive behind doing this. This is their true nature. They are there for us. They are here to teach us and to make us good human beings. 

The very first role of a teacher is to teach us. In the older times there used to be Gurukuls for the education of children. The gurus used to teach.

They used to give the guiding principles. They were not corrupt. Their sole purpose and intention was to teach their disciples.

The relationship of a teacher and student was very pure and pious. It was beyond the demand of any return. It was beyond the demand of any benefit. It was beyond the demand of any pleasure.

It was a relationship of sacrifice. It was a relation where both of them know their responsibility. They are not greedy. They are there to teach. They are here to give knowledge to people.  

As a teacher I would spread knowledge not only to the students but to all those who want to learn. Knowledge is not restricted. Knowledge is there so that it can be taken by any one.

It is for every individual. I would love to be a teacher. It is my personal interest to teach. I like to interact with people.

I like to have discussions with the people. If I were a teacher I would be able to do all these things. This would be very exciting for me. Although the work of a teacher is not as easy as it seems to be.

The work of a teacher is very challenging. It is not only the requirement of a student to study or learn. It is same in the case of a teacher as well. A teacher also has to learn on a daily basis.

The technology is progressing day by day. The world is developing at a faster rate. There are new inventions. There are new principles coming up.

In order to have a knowledge of all these things even the teacher has to do the research and study. 

If I were a teacher I would study. I would do researches on various topics. I would look for news I would look for relevant examples from day to day life in order to make my explanation more effective.

I would do all the possible efforts so that my students to cope -up with my explanations and teachings. If my teaching would not be comprehended by my students then it is no use. It will be a waste.

I would make variations in my teaching skill. I would make modulations. I would do experiments with my teaching style. For me the most important thing would be to teach each and every student as equal.

I would never differentiate between any of the student as a teacher. It is in nature that not every -body has the same capacity and intellect.

God has created every individual with separate talent. They all are blessed with some-thing or the other. I would always respect that as a teacher. 

The next thing that I would do if I were a teacher would be that I would not be biased. I would keep away all my personal attachments aside.

It happens that teachers get close to some students and start getting biased. If I were a teacher I would never do that. It would be a complete injustice to other students.

If I were a teacher I would ask my students again and again if they are comfortable with my teaching.

If I were a teacher I would ask my students if they find my teaching style interesting. I would ask them if they find me captivating. I would very happily accept all the opinions.

I would try to improve my teaching. I would also teach them separately if they would want that. It happens that there are students who do not understand.

There are students who hesitate to ask in front of so many students. I would teach them in person.  

I would develop a friendly relationship with my students. I would make them comfortable. I don’t want my students to be nervous or to hesitate before asking me any-thing. I want my students to be open to me.

I want them to bring their problems to me. Not only related to the academics I would allow them to consult me in any difficulty.

I would always give them advice and guide them. For me the position of a teacher is very important. They help us pave our path towards success. They put in so much of effort for us.  

If I were a teacher I would help my students in every situation and support them. If I were a teacher I would encourage my students and provide them with some extra and use-full information other than the academics.

I would make them participate in different competitions. By taking part in various events it would help them build up their confidence. I would maintain a friendly relationship with them.

I would try hard to make them better person. I would not let any-one to deviate. If I were a teacher I would punish them for their misbehavior and appreciate them for their good wok.

If I were a teacher I would tell them to believe in hard work and success will automatically follow them. 

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