Essay on If I were a Robot

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Robot is a machine that is built to carry out some task whose range varies from difficult to easy and it can be programmed accordingly. A robots body parts are movable. As the robot is a machine, it has to be programmed accordingly to carry out a specific task and if the program is not there then it cannot carry out the task.

Robots are really handy and compatible. Most of the times the robots are designed to look like a human being. One of the special features of robots is that they have no brain and emotions of their own for which when they are given a command, they fulfill them without questioning the command.

Robots are extremely advanced machine and have a lot of strength. Robots can even speak if the right programme is installed in its hardware. Robots can even speak every kind of language which makes them extremely user friendly.

Making a robot is a very complex task which is why only a few handfuls of people have managed to do it till today. Now there are factories where different kinds of robots are made to make human life easier. Robots are fascinating machines that does their job easily and save a lot of time. Robots are mainly used to help people in their works and they do that only without complaining.

If I were a robot then I would do anything to help my master. In the voice recognition software of the robot, the person whose voiced is fixed is the one who can control the robot and for me that person is my master and I will obey my master no matter what the cost.

My whole being will be surrounded by my master. Listening to my master is my job and I am on this job twenty four hours. I do need to charge myself occasionally or else I won’t be able to function and won’t be able to obey my master.

It will be my job to notify my master from time to time about my charge percentage so that my master can charge me beforehand and this way the work of my master will not be disrupted. My main goal is to help my master with anything and everything. I will be like his personal servant machine that is at his beck and call twenty four hours.

I will do everything according to the programme that is been programmed me with and if there is something that my master wants me to do but my programme forbids me to do it then I am afraid that I won’t be able to do that. If my programmes are changed according to my master’s needs then I will obey him.

Another of my (a robot’s) main goal will be to protect my master from any kind of harm. If there is someone who wants to harm my master then that person will have to fight with me first and if that person can defeat me, then only he or she will be able to harm my master.

But if I can function properly even after suffering the damage caused by the attacker of my master, then I will again go to protect him. After all protecting the master is a robots job. I not only will protect him from harm from outside people, I will also protect him from any and every kind of harm and also accidents.

I probably won’t be able to predict accidents but if I can then I sure will stop it from happening. Like all robots, I will also be super fast and will have super strength which will help me to protect and help my master really well.

These are the perks of being a robot. I will be always beside my master and will also be aware of my surroundings so that no one can take advantage of my master’s vulnerable situations like when he is asleep or has fallen sick.

In today’s world, people always want a helping hand irrespective of the cost. The inventions of different kinds of machines have helped the people but they always wanted something more. Because of this want, robots were made. They help people with their works and are compatible with all kinds of works.

Purchasing a robot is expensive but once it is purchased, it will help a person 24 x 7 and will not complain about it. If the user wants to install different kinds of programs in their robot then they can easily do that by sending it to the factory and get the installation done.

Robots are very compatible. As the robots are given the shape of human being, many people who have their own robot consider them as a part of their family and treat them like that only. Robots never sleep and because of this, the owner of the robot will not have to worry about any harm (like robbery or murder etc.) that may come to their way when they are in their most vulnerable condition.

Robots are very much handy. They are really fast and inhumanly strong which gives them an advantage over everything and also they have no emotions and brain. All they do is following the orders as given to them by their master as is stated in their programme.

A robot has transferable memory which helps when a user wants to change his or her robot but wants to keep the memory of the previous robot.

Each year, the robots and their technology are upgrading which gives us new and more advanced generations of robots who also helps the human being and make their task much easier. Robots have become an extremely useful machine for human beings in today’s generation.

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