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Albert Einstein, a famous scientist, said: “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things”. This statement means that one should have a goal set in their life, focus on it and start working on it from beginning itself.

If our life is not planned according to our goal, there will not be any direction where our life is going. Everything will be scattered. One can become a doctor, engineer, scientist, artist anything.

All areas have their own importance and future prospects. It is not easy to become any of these just with a snap of fingers. Each one needs dedication, hard work, focus.

None of these is small or big. It depends on a person’s point of view how they see them. It is not a new thing that people consider being an artist is not a big thing. But it actually is. No one becomes an artist just in one day.

An artist can be a dancer, musician, photographer, magician, painter etc. Even these required the same talent, hard work like that of a doctor or an engineer.

If ever I got a chance to become an artist and I got the opportunity to become a painter, there so many things I would like to do. The idea of becoming a painter takes me back to my childhood wishes and experiences, inspiration of any painter and movies or stories related to painting.  

Opinions on becoming a painter

Painter painting the wallIn this modern and developing world, everyone needs to survive and in order to do that one should earn a living.

The question here is whether becoming a painter will fetch you enough earnings and make you survive.

Well, everyone has their own view regarding this statement.

Some become a painter, sell their works and earn. While for some the money they get by selling their paintings is not important.

For these kinds of people, compliment, praise about their work is more important because through this they can improve their skills, polish their talents and produce new and amazing work.

These two types of people are right in their own way. But if one learns to balance between both, it will be great and they will get happiness which they might not have ever thought of. 

Childhood experiences

In my school life, I have always had friends who are extremely amazing painters. Whenever there would be any painting or drawing competition in the school, my friends would make such amazing paintings which were beautiful and pleasant.

They would win the competition. Looking at their beautiful paintings, I would think I wish someday even I paint like them and everyone praises me.

But how much ever I tried painting like them or even a small percentage of their good work, the painting never turned out to be good. I always had to take help from my elders for doing my art work.

Whenever I saw the paintings my friends made, I wished if I knew to paint so good I would put out all the visuals going on inside my brain in my painting.

I know I am not good at this field but till today during my leisure time, I try to put out the visuals even if they do not turn out to be good. At least I am satisfied with what I made which is more important. 


From my childhood I have heard only about a few painters: Rabindranath Tagore, MF Hussain and Amrita Shergill. I would always get delighted looking at their paintings. I also admire the child artist Darsheel Safary from the movie Taare Zameen Par.

This movie was showed to us in school. He was suffering from dyslexia. In spite of the disease his paintings were great. His creativity and imagination about the world could be seen in his paintings which he drew in the movie.

This shows that no sickness or disease can hinder a person to explore his talent. Darsheel is a perfect example for this. 

Things to do if I were a Painter

I am a person who imagines and visualizes a lot. If I were a painter I would put all of them in my paintings. Whenever I would travel somewhere, I would paint whatever visual was there in my mind after the journey. I would love to paint all the happy moments of my life and preserve those paintings.

I would paint even the distress the world is going through so that the future generation can easily visualize them apart from reading about them.

I would paint even the smallest thing in this planet so that the people know how I visualize them and even they would be able to broaden their visualization. I would want to paint my dream world where everything would be perfect without any issues.

Now there are many photo editing applications to alter the pictures captured by digital cameras. If I were a painter, instead of editing them with the applications I would sketch them. I would paint my family, friends and make them happy looking at their own paintings.

I love to read poems. If I got the chance to become a painter, I would turn those poems into paintings and gift someone.

I would gift the paintings to my near and dear ones. Apart from these, I would also paint just for myself. It would make me calm and all my stress would be gone.

I would feel I am in another planet where I am at peace. Even if a painting would be simple, it would reflect a lot because even the mixing of colour has its own importance. It is not necessary that the painting should have richness in it.  


A person can become anything they want. But they should have the passion and dedication for it. One should make efforts to achieve their goal of becoming something.

If a person wants to make their hobby as passion and career, one needs to discover them properly. So, painting can be anything- professional, hobby etc. 

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