Short Essay on If I were a Millionaire for Children and Students

December 20, 2017 0 Comment

Earning money is more difficult than spending it. If it comes to me as a windfall, i shall consider myself the fortune’s favorite. As soon as I ‘m in possession of a million rupees, is hall lose no time in achieving many of my unfulfilled wishes.

The money being talked about may either be inherited from a rich relative, or won in lottery. The moment I become a millionaire, I shall buy a palace-like residence for I enter it with all fanfare and perform religious ceremonies on a very grand scale.

It will be followed by a high standard lunch for my friends, relatives, acquaintances and well-wishers. Soon after shifting into the new house, I shall charter a special plane and embark on the world tour with all my family members.

We shall see the seven wonders, visits world capitals, enjoy cultural shows and make purchases of special items from each country.

Since I hail from a poor family, I did not have the advantage of having my education from good school. I shall provide facilities of a very high standard of free education to the children from poor families. For this, I intend to start an English medium school at my home town.

I shall also establish an orphanage and a home for the elderly in order to help those, who have no one to look after them.

I’m sure all of these my ambitious dreams would make me exhaust the windfall in order to be realized. But before I start on activating them, I must wait for my million to come into my empty chest. Would you like top pray for me?

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