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The underwater world is very exciting because of the amazing sea creatures that live inside the deep waters. The vast oceans and seas have a great life under water and if we explored them, we would be in for a greater surprise.

Life under water in the seas and oceans are pretty different from the outside world. The creatures have their own ways of living; they have created their own beautiful world under there and are totally disconnected from the external world.

If we imagine ourselves under water for some time, we would probably need plenty of oxygen support to sustain life underground, life saving jackets, thick and protective gear to protect our bodies from any danger that exists under water etc.

But to look at the bright side of things, life is very colorful and self indulgent inside the deep waters.

Though mystery shrouds under water are a common sight, the crystal clear blue water holding plenty of inhabitants, most of them which we don’t know by name is fascinating to see and enjoyable as well.

FishIf I were a fish in an aquarium, I would be saddened to have been locked up in a limited space, not letting me jump into farther horizons.

I would always think of my friends outside my world where they are set free and are sailing vibrantly under water, going wherever they want to.

Freedom is a basic right of every living creature and I too would love to sail across beautiful waters across the ocean and the sea and experience the inexperienced.

As a fish living in an aquarium, I am offered food right on time. The feed is just right for my stomach. I am safe inside the aquarium and have no threats from big creatures swimming in the high waters.

I am admired by all the members of the house. Every morning kids wave at me before they leave for their school. The elders of the house sit and glare at me as if trying to trace my path.

If I stayed in the deep ocean waters, I would be dwelling under the deep crevasses where a whole world of mystery exists!! Not only this unimaginable but very exciting too! I have more friends here when compared to the aquarium.

I have very good company. I interact a lot with fishes of my size and shape. I keep sailing through the waters and if I happen to see any big creature, I immediately go into hiding behind the rock structures.

Food is something that depends on my luck. When it was the aquarium, I had my periodic supply of food.

Under water, it all depends on my luck if I am able to catch the small organisms and put them inside my mouth or else have to starve the entire day.

On the way, I pass through many fish colonies and interact with some more fishes. All kinds of fishes, from small to big ones are my friends and we hang out together.

Not just fishes, I am a good friend with other sea creatures as well. Under water, it is a totally huge world where freedom is found in abundance.

I can set sail from any part of the sea / ocean and travel to the other end of the water body. There would be nobody to actually question my independence. I promote free living through my lifestyle.

Inside the aquarium, I felt crippled and experienced all my freedom breaking down. I had to get hurt by the aquarium walls if I tried to go anywhere beyond its rectangular walls.

The aquarium is just a replica of the ocean, in a smaller frame and definitely has limited space and hinders my freedom.

What I learnt from my experience is that life is exactly a replica of my experience in the aquarium and in the deep ocean.

If we limit our minds and put bars on both the sides, then our brain won’t stretch its thinking capability beyond a certain level.

On the other hand, if we live like the fish in the ocean, we would have enormous opportunities to explain under water and experience what life is.

Life is too short for any kind of unhappiness. We have to set our minds from age old thinking that are no longer relevant in today’s scenario.

We have to be open minded and accept life’s ways. As a fish in the aquarium, I definitely had problems regarding my freedom; But I wasn’t one to complain.

I learnt to look at the brighter side of things.  I had opportunities to be a thing of value for family members. Though I was locked up inside a rectangular box, my thinking went beyond the 4 rectangular walls of the aquarium.

This is what life teaches us. If we are open minded and flexible, we can certainly think beyond ourselves and our comfort couches. We can think out of the box and not create a fuss about the small space.

When it comes to the vast ocean, I simply have no boundaries or targets. I can move wherever I want to.  I can enjoy my freedom thoroughly. Life is not the same for everyone.

I noted this difference when I was staying in an aquarium and later when I moved to the vast ocean. It is up to us to get adapted to changing environments and have patience.

In both the cases I showed kindness and empathized with others. I gave others the space they required and never interfered in any of their matters.

I earned good reputation for my kind nature and hence have many friends at both places too. Happiness I definitely a state of mind.

If I was in the aquarium and I felt unhappy about it, I can divert my mind and think otherwise.

I can think about all the possible threats I have from outside and be thankful to god for providing a safe and secure place within the aquarium.

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