Essay on If I Were A Criminal

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A criminal is a person who has been guilty for committing a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime by the authorities. Criminals can be many types. A person before committing crime does not think rationally or else they would not have committed the said crime.

However, there are also the cool headed criminal who like to commit crimes knowing that if they are caught, they will have to serve time in jail. Most of the times the people who commit a crime are under pressure or are mentally sick which ultimately push them to commit a crime.

The percentage of criminals being mentally sick is very high and if these criminals were treated properly by a psychiatrist then there would have been a high chance of them not committing the crime.

I always wanted to commit a crime. I had a wish that if I ever get a chance then I will commit at least one crime. I never really thought about what kind of crime I will commit but just always thought that I will break a law one day. In fact the idea of breaking the law has became a wish of mine that I want to fulfill one day like my other wishes.

I grew up in a hostel and the idea of defying the rules and regulations has always been appealing to me. There is a certain excitement in breaking the rules that a person cannot get from something else. There is also these rushing of the blood throughout your body is really exciting.

The thought of getting caught while committing a crime raise goose bumps throughout your body. The excitement of doing something illegal and mixing it with the fear of getting caught makes ones blood flow at an alarming rate and this is the feeling that I want to experience at least once in my lifetime.

I am habituated with breaking rules but never did it to this magnitude and this is why I always dream that at least once I will do something that will be illegal and have no intention of doing something petty.

Now that I think about it, if I actually had an opportunity to commit a crime, then it will be something like smuggling. I choose smuggling because it has all the reasons that I need to commit a crime.

The reason why I will like to be a smuggler because I like challenges and never really like the rules that everyone have to follow and smuggling is a challenge and also by this I will break tons of rules. Sure there are other crimes that will give me a challenge and will automatically make me break a law but I still choose smuggling because securities in the Borders are the maximum and bringing in smuggled goods in the country after passing the border security is the most challenging of them all.

In the borders, if you get caught then either they will shoot you or you will be taken to the prison for questioning and there is almost no chance for a person to get out of there.

For smuggling, bringing the goods in the country is the most challenging thing and also the toughest. Once the goods are smuggled successfully in to the country, then the smuggler has to distribute them without getting noticed by the police or by the authorities.

Once that is done, then the smuggler has to convert the money that he or she earned in to White Money and that is another challenging task. So, being a smuggler is extremely challenging and risky and also by smuggling, people can earn a lot of money which is appealing to everybody.

Smuggling is a really difficult thing to do as the government also keep tracks of things and once you come under the radar of the government, and then they will make your life living hell till you get caught.

Once a smuggler comes under the radar of the authorities, then they have constantly people after them who try to hamper the business and to capture the smuggler. It becomes the authorities’ number one goal to somehow stop the smuggling business and to capture the culprit who did it.

The smuggler has to be constantly on the run because of the police. A smuggler’s life in a dark way is very interesting. From a criminal’s point of view, this life appeals them towards it where they have no shortage of money or connections and yet they have to face the excitement of doing illegal stuff and the fear of getting caught every day. It is like their blood is running at hundred kilometers per hour every second of their life.

The fast beating of heart and the rush of the blood makes me feel alive every day. A person should always feel this emotions and these emotions are felt when a person is extremely happy or in love or sick with a disease or is a criminal.

But with a criminal the fear of getting caught is also there with the excitement and the mixture of these odd yet surprisingly compatible feeling of emotions is something addictive and because of this addictiveness, I want to be a criminal.

The feeling of these emotions is not something anyone can express with word but if I have to put these emotions into words then I will chose two words and they are – excitingly addictive.

Being a criminal is not everyone’s cup of tea. Almost 95% of world’s population thinks that being a criminal or doing something illegal is not something anyone should ever do but there is also around 5% of these 95% people deep down want to be a criminal or want to do at least one illegal thing in their life time and I fall down on that category of people.

So, if I were given the chance to be a criminal then I would definitely take it. In fact I will jump on the opportunity. It may sound wrong to many people but every person is allowed to have their own thoughts and this is mine. I wish I had a fairy godmother who would give me a free pass to do anything for one night.

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