If I were a Butterfly Essay for Children and Students

December 10, 2017 0 Comment

God has created such a beautiful world. Every element in it contributes at every stage to enhance its charm. Moreover, it is the diversity that fascinates each of us.

How wonderful it would be like to live the life of some other creature, experiencing something you have never before. Not only our body would change, but also our thoughts would change too. I wish I were a butterfly to experience these changes.

Life as a butterfly

If I were a ButterflyIf I were a butterfly, I would jump from one flower to another and make them dance along with me. My whole day would be consumed in extracting nectar and enjoying the taste of nature. Furthermore, my food would be full of the sweet honey of the flowers and I would be the reason of their growth.

I shall carry their pollen and spread them all over the world. With those magnificent wings of mine I would travel the whole world and make many friends on my way. How great it would be to roam down the clear sky, as well as make way to the rainbow.

Not only shall I bring smile to the faces of children that would enjoy my flight, but also I would hide myself amongst the flowers if they try to catch me and sit on their noses when they feel exhausted. The thought of children forces me to look into my childhood.

About childhood

I would have been born just like an ordinary creepy caterpillar. I would have been judged by people for damaging plants and vegetation. Furthermore, they would have seen me as a notorious and useless being. To end that worthless life I would have cover myself in a cocoon.

Being isolated from world, I would have searched reasons to die, but instead of ending my life so early I may have found reasons to live. Once, I found my worth in this world transformation would have occurred. With a bright morning I would have transformed from an ugly looking creature to a flawless butterfly with grateful movements.

Comparison with humans

Now the world who doesn’t seem to like me would suddenly rejoice in delight. Moreover, they won’t expect much from me and would love the way I am. What’s more, if I compare myself to them? I shall have nothing to worry. My life would be full of adventures every day.

I shall be free from stresses and burdens of society. Furthermore, there would be no need for me to acquire education or even building any house. Likewise, money would have no value for me. I shall live my life the way I wanted, independent of the prospective of others.


After being a butterfly I would live a small but meaningful life. There is so much to have in this world. Every little event has some fun element hidden in it.

Not only humans but other creatures have their own way of living. Everyone has their own meaning of happiness and freedom. One’s happiness should not be at the cost of others’.

The philosophy of live and let live must be followed. By doing this, the fun of being a butterfly can be achieved in this human body too.

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