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Human being is a social animal. We call ourselves animals because our natives were apes.

Centuries later we are not only hi-tech creation of god but we ourselves have tried to excel god, by creating close to natural life robots and gizmos.

Social we termed because we can’t exist singularly. We need to be in some company. Society offers us growth and solace.  

Life is moving at super-fast pace and to take some time out for introspection seems to be a little wastage of time and energy. Some do this in name of meditation while other in form of yoga.

To spend quality time with family is feasible only on weekends or gazetted holidays.

Rest of the week days preoccupied by office, parties, shopping and catching up with friends. One’s Own home and housemates has taken a back seat.  

Those who have family don’t have time for them and those who have time usually are lonesome.

To fill up this gap of lonesomeness and family comes to rescue the idea of having a friend, an pet who stays with you all the time. They Plays with you when you need their company.

They Hugs you when you are in despair. They even cry with you when they sense you need a partner to lend a shoulder.

An intelligent pet is more of a family member and an anti-depression dose. Their innocence never fails to attract the owner. 

Families and loners both like to have pets. For family it’s like bringing up a child. A born pet needs care similar to that of newly born human infant.

They are to vaccinated on time. They need to taught etiquette through experts. In nutshell one has to bring up another child in pets. 

Having pet is no doubt a costly affair too. Each Veterinary visit cost handsomely.  On top of that accessories cost no less than visit to beauty parlour or a visit to good restaurant for lavish meal.

Pets too need their personal space in house. In case one is hyper sensitive to hair and germs very probable are the chances that they can’t have pet at home. 

But then luxuries are for those who can afford them and doesn’t keep grumbling about the cost factor of pursuing that luxury.

So with the higher expenditure power in developing countries comes  trendy the fashion and necessity of having pet.

Most commonly found pets in households are different varieties of dog and cat followed by parrots and rabbits. Very high profile house cater to even lion as a pet.

I personally have seen a mansion where the king of jungle tamed as pet. 

Deriving inspiration from the same I too wished to have a pet in lion someday. And till the day I can’t do so, I will meet my craving for pet from the cats family by having a cat itself.

The soft furry coat of cat and glassy eyes are its most attracting features. I would name it glassy.  

The reason behind my likening for cat is the fact that cats are more attached to the place rather than master whereby dogs attach more to their masters.

Even if the master is not present physically for while near them they care less. But on the contrary dogs do miss their masters.

Cats are less demanding too. They need less of physical exertions so even a lazy master, like me can afford them. Dogs are full of energy and this energy needs a proper vent out so that dogs stay rigorous.

I am lacking this attribute of take caring of my physical fitness so my apt choice of pet could be cat alone. Moreover, cats need less or no training to adapted in household.  

Beauty of cat is mesmerizing and to play with them is divine. Even if they grow to adulthood they are manageable in laps.

Their voice never seems to irritate you as they are never too loud to be unbearable. It seems they try to seek permission every now and then in their voice that is meow -meow. 

Cats are so adorable that number of character for magazine and films has been designed around its aura. Numbers of film celebrity have pets in cat and they post their pictures with them on social networking sites too.

Cat woman is a very famous reel character. Not only the name but also the look of the character is designed to give it resemblance to cat. 

Have you ever heard of a character named after dog species like Doberman or Labrador?  Though loyalty of dogs is undoubted yet cats give them equal competition when it comes to getting tamed. 

Different pet shops spring up in cities as more and more people are now keeping pets.

It’s a sought of anti-depression therapy as suggested by many doctors. But do we really need pets to do away with depression. Can’t the family member replace them?

Those creatures who can’t speak can share our sorrows then what is lacking in humans relationship?

The problem is relationships are void of basic essence of love and endurance. They are more based on mutual and monetary benefits.

When one weighs what they derive from relation with what they put in it, the relationship is bound to leave its charm.

This is never the case with pets as pets never cease to love their master. Their expectation from relationship with their master is love and care without any monetary gain.

That’s why the trend of having pet is gaining ground. Even master love the pet unconditionally as they know their pet would not betray their trust. 

At time I feel like having a dog and a cat as two pets existing in harmony with each other in my house. It’s not a rare sight but a difficult job for sure.

When having single pet comes with number of question like why, what’s the need, who will do their daily chores then having two is not less than winning a world war. 

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