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To achieve something in life it is required to have knowledge and knowledge comes from education and good education is given by an ideal teacher.

Teaching is a profession by which people are serving India to achieve heights. Without education there will be no scientists, no doctors and no politicians. Engineer, doctors and politicians exists because of teacher.

Teacher is the most important part of any developing country. Teacher builds the base to think students more and perform. Profession of teacher is very ideal.

It is no necessary that all teachers are ideal. There are many teachers who beat their students and scold them. Some teachers have no affection to their students and are interested in increasing their salary only.

Some teachers’ remains inclined to politics; they don’t bother about the education of students and only affects the environment of school by their politics.

Teachers they don’t look for the education of students have no right to treated as an ideal teacher.

An ideal teacher not only teaches they also look after for the problems of child. They teach students moral values and they are model before students.

Ideal teacher devotes for their students. Ideal teacher influence students and give them shape to succeed generations of students. In every system teacher matters a lot.

Teacher not only teaches they also maintain the efficiency of students in class. Teacher teaches by spoken words and also manners to students. Teacher maintains good contacts with students to understand students well. Teacher set an example that he does everything to teach their students better.

Qualities of an Ideal teacher

  • His teaching skills should attract and grab the attraction of students. Attractive manner of teacher can help students to understand things easily and it helps to make learning easy. By attractive manner of teaching students can understand hard topics easily. Attractive teaching creates interest in students to learn more things and understand things well. Students only need basic idea to make big things.
  • To teach students well, teacher should also have deep and vast knowledge of the subject also before teaching they should revise things and create some new ideas of teaching. For the betterment of teaching it is very important that teacher should also have knowledge.
  • Teacher should be able to clear all the doubts of students and they should clear the fear of students about studies.
  • They should teach students about the importance of education.
  • Teacher should not beat students and scold them it is against the law. If teacher scolds and beats students it means they don’t want to teach students. Sometimes teacher scolds student in front of class which creates depression in students mind and makes fear of studies. Teacher who makes fun of their students is not ideal teacher.
  • For teacher it is necessary to understand the problems of students and should think of solutions how to rectify the problems of students.
  • An ideal teacher should have affection towards their students.
  • Teacher is guide, friend and philosopher of students.
  • If student does anything wrong then teacher should handle the situation carefully instead of pushing them.
  • They should set some goal toward students such as punctuality, regular studies, care of health and equal weightage of reading and writing.

It is very necessary for teacher to think positively for the betterment of their students. Sometimes students can need help in different areas. Apart from studies they should look after the environment of class and requirement of students. It is very important to students to participate in every classroom activity or outside activity.

Only educational skills are not sufficient it is needed that students should be good in sports also. Teacher who teaches well serves the country for its development.

A perfect teacher takes risks for the betterment of their students. Students can’t remain in the same level always so it is required that teacher should look after them. It is important that teacher should be patient. Teacher is the one which enhances students creativity.

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