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Good morning respected principal, teachers and all my dear friends today I got an opportunity to present before you the topic on “Ideal Student” and I am so glad that I have been chosen to speak on such a topic.

I hope for your cooperation the time that I am presenting my speech and I also ask you to pardon me for any mistake that I make while presenting my speech

There is nothing called ideal in this world. Every person and everything has some pros and cons. It is the amount of advantage and disadvantage in a person or thing which makes it functional or nonfunctional.

If the number of cons is more than the number of pros in the item it is rendered a waste or unusable then it has to go a certain number of modifications where its disadvantages change into its advantages and hence it turns out to be an ideal.

But on the contrary an item, a person who has more number of good qualities then the bad qualities will be regarded as ideal because it will be tougher to find out faults in him. Coming back to our topic an ideal student is someone who not only is a good student but also has certain other qualities which makes him or her close to being ideal.

A good student is someone who does his or her work on time and is expected to be good in studies but an ideal student is someone who is not only good in academics but also has other qualities in various fields. Behavior is also another character trait which defines a person’s mentality.

It is required for an ideal student to have good and friendly relations with his peers as well as juniors and seniors. He should have good relations with all the teachers as well as the staff.

He has to be prompt in studies as well as sports activities and also in creative field like music, art and dance. I know it is hard for a single person to excel in so many fields but believe me or not there was one such student in a school whom we all use to regard as an ideal student.

There was a student named Raghav in our class. He was good in academics whenever the teacher asked question in class he was always prompt with his answers we used to believe that Raghav had the answer to almost every question in this world but quite unfortunately the teachers didn’t use to ask him the questions because they knew that they will definitely get an answer from him.

Not only this he was the class leader and he used to take part in every possible house activities that used to take place in school be it drama, debate, recitation, singing competition. Raghav would always be there he wasn’t bad in sports activities as well was the striker of the school football team and he was a good anchor.

Whenever there used to be some inter school competition Raghav’s name would always be there as the anchor. All the teachers used to give examples about him. During the exams it is from his copy that the rest of us cheated. His score in the entrance examination was also greatly talked about in school.

Nowadays is the age of competition and rat race. Everyone is busy trying to get above the superior and excel. In every field the pressure on students have increased. Parents pressurizing their children to excel not only in studies but also in the additional things that they are engaged be it art and craft or dance or music.

Parents are trying to fulfill their dreams through their children hence the children are going through a depression because they are not able to perform according to their parent’s expectations. So being an ideal student is something who could help the students to perform well in their academics.

I am feeling very poorly because of the overburden and the pressure that is put on them some of the students forced to choose different career options than the one they really interested in some of the students are forced to take up subject I do not want to study just because of family.

Pressure on students to not get successful in life so ideal student not only defense being an ideal some of the students are forced to take up subject. Some students do not want to study just because of family.

It needs a lot of family support and care, even teachers play big role in shaping a student’s character. A person can become an ideal student only when he gets all the above-mentioned requirements.

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