An Ideal Citizen Essay for Children ( 250 words )

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Our constitution has given us certain rights and duties. These rights are called the fundamental rights. But in return, they indirectly impose upon us certain duties as well

All citizens are expected to pay their taxes in time. They should be honest regarding their payment of taxes. The money collected from taxes is utilized for the benefit of the people and for the development of the country.

An ideal citizen gives priority to his duties, when compared to his rights. An ideal citizen is always loyal and faithful towards his country. He has respect for his constitution. He never does anything which is not in the interest of the country

The third duty of an ideal citizen is to respect law of the country. These laws are made for the welfare of the people and country.

Laws are necessary to maintain peace in the country. So he obeys these laws without being forced to do so.

An ideal citizen never forgets to cast his vote to elect a person of his own choice. For the successful working of a democracy, this is very necessary. He makes proper use of his vote and elects an honest candidate.

An ideal citizen is always ready to defend his country. He is prepared to sacrifice anything for the sake of his country. He protects the freedom of his nation

He is always faithful to his country. He takes care of public property and helps all law-abiding citizens. Along with these main duties, there are several other duties too that an ideal citizen must perform.

An ideal citizen is a real asset of his country as well as his society. He cooperates with the government in the development process. He has respect for all religions and customs.

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  1. Pradip says:

    No violence for need for power is also a duty of an ideal citizen.

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