Speech on Is Hunting Animals Fair?

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Greetings to one and all present here. Today I got an opportunity to put forward in front of you some of my views a thought on the topic “Is hunting animals fair? ”

Well this is a very sensitive topic on global context and a well debated topic too. Animals share the world with us humans.

They are a part of our ecosystem. Our ecosystem runs on a balance of both animal life and plant life. If the balance of one side is hampered the other side gets disrupted an vice versa.

We, humans depend on animals for a variety of needs. In that case the question ‘is hunting animals fair?’ seems illogical because hunting animals becomes a necessity rather than an activity of fun or pleasure. Yes, hunting of animals is needed but it is needed to satisfy our selfish needs.

We get numerous items of daily use from animals. The costly leather purses, shoes and belts are made up of animal hide. We get meat from animals. Be it the meat of a goat, duck or rabbit, humans are habituated to devour any kind of animal meat.

Animals are hunted for their fur. Keeping aside the wool’s that we get from domesticated lambs, we like the fur skin coat of a tiger, leopard or cheetah.

Often it is used as a material of great honour in the darbars of rajas and maharajas. The teeth of elephants. Elephants are hunted maximum for its teeth. The ‘Kasturi’ or scent obtained from musk deer.

The splendid feathers of a peacock. These are a few examples of why animals are hunted to satisfy our greed. What makes us kill them a why their numbers are diminishing day by day. There are many other products for which animals are preyed on and used. 

Coming back to our question ‘is hunting animals fair?’, my view is that ‘it is obviously not fair’. It is a grievous act. Infact it is not fair to kill anything whether it’s a plant or an animal. Would you like if you were fried in a pot full of oil on a hot stove? If you don’t like it then the chicken won’t like it either.

By hunting more and more animals we are increasing man’s greed and not only that we are hampering the ecological balance. Think if all the animal life dies out completely? Wat will be our condition then? Man depends on a food chain. Food chain is dependent on a food pyramid.

The plants form the base of the pyramid. The herbivores form the next level. If all the herbivores are swept away then the carnivores will die out and other animals linked with the food chain including man. Hence unnecessary killing of animals is really not a solution.

Slowly we have to alter our means and control our greed. Before man used to hunt animals for fun an entertainment. But now that is illegal and a punishable offence. Such laws should be enforced to bring incessant killing under control. 

Nowadays newer technologies are coming up to replace the use of animal products with artificially made plastic or synthetic substitutes. To list a few are- 

Resin– it is used as a substitute of leather. It is a synthetically made leathery substance. It is as useful as leather with no harmful side effects. It is widely used nowadays in handbags, belts and shoes.

Velvet made replicas of animal skin- nowadays exact looking tiger skin pattern printed clothes are available. It also used in making bags and belts. It is actually printed on velvet cloth. Hence it feels furry when touched. This saves the killing of animals for hide.
Tennis rackets-tennis rackets are now made up to synthetic or plastic materials. Earlier they used to be made of animal hair a bone.
Thermocot– a fabric is being utilized nowadays known as ‘thermocot’. It is a very comfortable fabric and works like a woollen. Hence the need of wool is diminishing nowadays. Thermocot is cheaper and provides heat as much as a sweater made of wool.

Silk– silk industry is another industry which employs large scale killing of animals or rather killing of silk moths. Unfortunately there is still not proper replacement of a pure silk cloth. But efforts are on to produce artificially made cheaper silk. 

Efforts are being made to save animals as much as possible. More efforts are needed and it can be done only when we join hands. The main threats to the lives of animals are the poachers.

They are the ones who hunt down animals illegally. Killing of animals isn’t fair and one should avoid it and encouragement others to avoid it as well. 

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