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House is a term we often use nowadays without once pondering upon what we are really saying. Modern approach towards building a house is to break an already existing one and build four similar floors on it.

This may increase the capacity and occupants of the building but it destroys the very essence of it.  A house does not only require concrete, bricks and iron rods but also the determination and love of the people involved in it.  

What we need to understand is that there is a difference between house and home. House is a structure made of bricks and stones, which shelters from severe weather conditions.

Home, on the other hand, is a place where we seek refuge, where we are loved and cared for. Home is to do with one’s emotional connectivity and a feeling of belongingness. There is a culture. Rituals and traditions are adorned and become an occasion for everyone’s get together.  

This is one definition on house. Another perspective of it, deals with the specificities. A house can be a ‘House of Commons’ and the ‘House of Lords’ as in the United Kingdom. This sort of a specification deals with the concept of a house much more closely. Although this and the earlier interpretation have similarities.

Both show the levels of hierarchy that exist. In the House of Commons, we have the speaker of the house, who controls the functioning. In a household, there is mostly an elderly figure who holds the reigns of the house. Latter is generally headed by a patriarchal figure but the presence of patriarchy is very clear in both the cases.  

There are certain rules to abide by in both the concepts of houses. Former has rules like, having a quorum for setting legislations, limited time to house members to speak on the floor of the house and many such similar ones. Latter has other rules like, a curfew timing for the evenings (which is generally different for the different genders).

But what we need to concentrate upon is that the unsaid rules are now changing in both the houses. There is a revolutionary zeal visible in the members of the house. There is a rise in the participation of women in decision making processes.

The rules are made, more in consonance with everybody’s views. But for how long will these changes flourish? Will they be able to stand the test of time? 

In today’s world what is happening is that the rules of the house change along with the change in commanding leader. The older generations were stricter in terms of their rules and regulations which governed everyone under that roof.

But nowadays, the idea of guest rooms and having them occupied to receive rent out of it, is spreading like forest fire. People have extra rooms in their houses just so that those rooms can be rented out and a living can be made out of it.  

People are preferring these rental rooms over hotels. Citizens who are researching in foreign countries and have to stay there for really long are opting out of the idea of staying in hotels and guest houses. The trend is tilting towards home stays and this is profiting those households who are ready to cater to the demands of their guests.

General policy is to provide on house breakfast while rest of the meals are to be either paid for by the guest or to be arranged for by his/her self. 

Special attraction in category of houses are the house boats in Kashmir Dal Lake. Infrastructure of these house boats and their design is beyond perfection. There is extreme precision with which these boats have been constructed.

They have a hint of Mughal architecture in their design and the wood used is also sturdy and strong. It is generally of ‘sisam’ or ‘teak’. The house boats in Kerala and southern waters are generally made of coconut fibre and bamboo poles. They have a different attraction about themselves. 

We all have questions. Some which find an answer and some which linger on till the time they have lost their relevance. A similar question I have in my mind.

Why is it so, that the onus to build a house rests on the shoulders of men or young boys but in childhood it is the baby girl who engages herself in a game of building and maintaining a house. Do things change over the course of time or are we just disillusioned in our early years?  

I could have very well described a house in terms of its infrastructure, functions and location but that would not have done justice to the topic in current times.

This certainly leaves you with a wired feeling as to what did you just read on house but trust me, it is really just a deeper insight of what we often look for on online sites= house.  

Well talking in terms of the kind of houses that are built all over the world. The designing of the house depends upon its location.

Houses located amidst cold mountains will have sloped roofs in order to slide off the snow that falls on it. Houses in cold regions are generally made of wood, in order to keep the house warm.

The location enhances the look of the construction and gives it another angle of beauty. For the ones made around a scenic beauty are always priced high and ones which find a location in dingy places, priced low. 

House is often a dream of every man but some can fulfill it and some can’t. It’s just a matter of time when we will also stop trying to make house, a home.

Considering how easily this generation is breaking ties with their elders and putting them in old age homes and shelter houses. It won’t be long before we are left with no one to care for us.  

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