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Honesty is the backbone of a successful business and relationship. Being honest is very necessary for successful person. No one can be completely honest in life, it is very tough task. Being dishonest is very simple and easy task. Being a truthful person I a very difficult thing.

By honesty one can win trust of people, telling lie is never successful, it always hurt people and breaks trust. Telling lies can give someone good feeling in start but it may badly harm in the end.

It is a saying that “Honest is the best policy”. Yes it is totally true being honest can make you achieve anything. If you are honest you will become good person and being a good person people will support you and help you, if you keep on lying people will never trust you.

Some people hesitate to be honest; it can be because they want to hide something or any other reason. But in hard times they understand the importance of honesty, because telling lie may hold someone in big problem.

Simplicity can be achieved by honesty, if you are simple it doesn’t mean that you are honest but somewhere there is honesty in you. Honesty allows us to be focused.

Every time no one can be honest but someone makes clever alternatives of honesty in reality. It is very important to be honest in every aspect of life to live peacefully. Dishonesty sometimes leads to duplicity.

There are several benefits of honesty such as

  • It builds a great relationship among friends. If your friend is honest you can blindly trust them but if they are not you will hesitate to trust them because no one wants there loss.
  • Trust among family members and your life partner is very important and it can be achieved by honesty.
  • Honesty brings confidence in you. Confidence of doing work and achieving something in life.
  • If someone is honest they will not have tension of anything therefore they will live healthy and depression free.
  • It is required to maintain dishonesty. To hide your lies sometimes you pretend to be honest and to maintain it you remains tensed. So you will remain less stressed if you are honest.
  • Dishonesty can have short term pleasure and benefit but honesty will benefit you for lifetime.

Being honest takes effort. By the time you start being honest it l give you many benefits and your life will become easier and easier.

How to be honest

  • Integrity, character and morality bring honesty and makes life easier. If you are honest there will be nothing to hide in you. Sometimes it becomes important to hide things but it doesn’t mean that you are honest.
  • Dishonesty is short term pleasure but if you are honest it will give you long term pleasure and benefit.
  • Honesty comes from inside. If are honest from outside it is necessary to be honest from inside. If you are honest to yourself it is not needed to be completely honest with others. According to persons nature sometimes we changes our thoughts if other person is not honest it is not necessary to be honest toward them.
  • To be honest it is not necessary to say whatever we think. It is very necessary to know when to avoid conflicts and when to create conflicts. It is very important to learn the difference between people.
  • Learn from mistakes.
  • Do not criticize others in spite of it encourage others. Like other powerful tools honesty is one another powerful tool. It can be used to tear others down or to build others up.

If we are not honest no one will respect us. Sometimes we succeed in lying but it is not necessary that we will always succeed. When the truth will be found out it will hurt a lot and people will stop believing you and you will lose your respect. Dishonesty can put someone in difficult situations.

Being honest gives us comfortable feeling. Liars always worried about their lies.

Nobility is the best way to live the life. If we are honest it means we are living in a realistic world, otherwise we will live in our own play.

Honest is not only policy it is also principle of our life. In reality policy changes but principle does not change they remains the same whether it causes some loss.

You do not and cannot change a principle even if it causes loss. Honesty brings wealth there is nothing better than honesty. Honesty is crown of life.  Dishonest person always have the fear of losing something it is never means dishonesty is better than honesty.

Nowadays everybody is dishonest; honesty does not give us wealth and power. Nowadays honest person suffers a lot. These days dishonesty can bring people wealth and richness. But it doesn’t mean that dishonesty is better than honesty.

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