Helping your Elders Short Essay for Children & Students

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“Happiness begins from doing something for others and not for ourselves”. Purpose of life is not to serve you but to serve others because it is said that what you give returns to you. Elders are generally the person older than you or an individual.

He/she are the one who holds seniority or any higher authority to any concern. Helping elders is a basic manner that is being shown to the elder person. It shows sign of gratitude towards the concern and is a matter of honoring someone.

 Helping someone in any manner is concerned as a good deed especially the elder and older people because they live for many years and had gained lots of experience of life and when we talk, spend time and help them gives us the opportunity to gain a very deep knowledge of something and it results in self-development and growth.

Who are elders?

  • Parents, grandparents, relatives
  • Elder brothers and sisters
  • Teachers
  • Seniors
  • others

What do elders gives us?

  • Manners
  • Experience of life
  • Enjoy everyone movement of life
  • Strengthens Patience, empathy and Tolerance level
  • Know funny history facts and traditions
  • Humanity (generous and kindness)

helping eldersIt is rightly said that good deeds never leads the person to be unsuccessful and respecting elders is concerned as the most ethical thing in the world. But it requires more amounts of patience and understanding.

Spending time elders helps to gain experience, knowledge, morals, values and gratitude.

Spending more time with them makes happy to both, you and the one with you are spending time. We also learn how to treat anyone, love others, respect others, care others, help others, forgive others, accept others; in short, face all the phases of life.

It is rightly said “It is better to give rather than take” and we should always be ready to give others rather than take something. We should not focus on how much you give rather than focus on how much you love to give something to others and this should be selfless giving.

While giving something we must take transparent decisions and these decisions must be proactive rather than reactive and the most important thing is that don’t feel guilty about the giving nature.

An elder is a backbone of any field and provides a deep knowledge of the things they did. It helps to understand the past easily and the key factors to gain success and live a happy life. So always help your elders….

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