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June 1, 2018 2 Comments

A very good morning to every one present here. Today, I am going to deliver a speech on a topic which holds special significance in our lives and is of utmost relevance in this day and age.

In this age of global race for success and excellence, health often tends to take the back seat. We tend to neglect our health because it has no instant effect on our daily lives. Long hours are spent at offices and schools and colleges only sitting on the chair and drooling on tables.

And the only other activity that we do is to consume unhealthy foods. Be it our lunch or snack that we consume outside the house, it is usually something that has been fried in bad oils or contains lots of unhealthy saturated fats like butter or cheese.

That is why I myself have taken up a healthy stand in my diet and therefore I tend to eat only healthy foods, as much as the situation permits at least. Out of these, the food that I prefer most is the fruit salad. It is a food of unique importance and taste.

First of all, it is available all throughout the year and can be made with any seasonal fruits available in the season. Secondly, the amount of fruits and nutrients that it offers is unparalleled by any other kind of food.

Another positive point of a fruit salad is that fruits contain a tremendous amount of natural fibers, both soluble and insoluble. Fibers play a very critical role in the convenient movement of waste products in the large intestine. It prevents problems like constipation and regulates a healthy bowel routine.

Another important advantage of having fibers in our diet is that it absorbs the bile secretions which induce production of cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol is an extremely dangerous compound that is produced in the body in small quantities and may also be consumed from unhealthy and fried foods.

India is the country which has the highest number of heart diseases as well as many other diseases like type-2 diabetes. These diseases have often been referred by doctors as lifestyle based diseases. This is because these diseases occur as a result of leading an unhealthy and sedentary routine.

We tend to eat fast food and then sit either in office or on the couch all day and just kill ourselves slowly a bit every day. Doing such simple things like replacing a meal in a day with a fruit salad can translate into a tremendous amount of health benefits for our body.

The flavonoids and stimulants contained in fruits combat the free radicals in our body and prevent the process of ageing and also improves insulin sensitivity which help to prevent the occurrence of type-2 diabetes.

Lifestyle based diseases can easily be prevented but once they occur, they stay for a lifetime and ruin our happiness. Eating fried foods leads to accumulation of fat within the arteries thus leading to episodes of thromboembolic events like angina and heart attacks.

Many of us, as a result of binge eating, have developed a gluttony attitude towards food. We tend to eat more than we need to. It is an unfortunate reality of the modern developed world that food, no longer, has to be hunted and is easily available.

Because of this easy availability of food, we tend to binge eat almost at each meal of the day to fill up ourselves to the brim. This is a very poisonous habit.

However, eating a fruit salad can satisfy that mental desire of being full, without burdening us with the guilt of extra calories. Fruits are composed of mostly water and due to this fact, they are extremely filling.

They tend to expand once they enter the digestive system, thus inducing the production of a hormone called ghrelin that signals the brain that the stomach is full and no longer needs more food.

Energy is what we eat food for. Fruits are loaded with tremendous amounts of instant energy. They contain a huge amount of glucose which can readily be used up by the cells which need to be replenished with energy. Thus they provide us with instant energy removing our tiredness.

Having a bowl of fruit as a snack can aptly serve this purpose. Many times, when we need energy, we tend to go for sweet sugary drinks like red bull, coke, or such others.

Instead if we be aware and make a good choice eating fruits instead, we will not only be provided with energy but also be enriched with vitamins and mineral that are needed for the swift functioning of the human body.

I would like to conclude by saying that health is our biggest resource and wealth.

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