Speech on Health is Wealth for Children

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Good morning everyone present here. What I’m going to speak on today is the topic ‘health is wealth’. Now if I ask everyone over here what is the most important thing or the most precious thing that men can ever achieved or process in his life.

Most of you will probably say words like money, fame, nice house to live in, nice food to eat, expensive clothes to wear, and many such other materialistic things. However, in my opinion nothing in life is more important than a person’s health.

Without a proper health nothing that a man achieves is worthwhile. If a person is unhealthy or sick all the time and is on the verge of dying, then of what use is all the wealth in the world that he has achieved? He can take nothing back with him once his body is left dead and cold and he leaves mortality.

Similarly, no amount of Fame can save one man if he has health issues. If a person is unhealthy, he probably doesn’t look good too. Therefore, no amount of good expensive clothes is of used to him if he has a bad physique. 

Many of you probably wouldn’t pay much heed to what I am saying. Health has often been of secondary importance in our lives. Since the very beginning in our childhood at school we are taught to study and physical activities have often been considered a sort of relegated subject and nobody pays much attention to it.

It is only after a person reaches 50 with a weight of 100 Kilos with 10 different sorts of diseases housing in him that he realizes that things have gone beyond control and only thing that he can do is pray for death to come slowly and in less painful way. 

The social circumstances of a man’s existence in today’s world is partly also responsible for the health issues that one develops overtime. Most patients today die of diseases which has been earmarked as ‘Lifestyle based diseases’. Due to advancement in science and technology everything today is in our hands reach or more specifically at the tip of our fingers.

Entire time we are glued to Electronic screens sitting on chairs for more than 16 hours a day and then we go on to the bed for the rest of the time. This kind of physically sedentary lifestyle is what is responsible for more than 99% of the diseases that the world is facing today. Kids are more likely to be affected by this. Television, mobile phones computers video games are all responsible for keeping them at home.

Seldom do they think of using their God gifted legs and their God gifted arms to use and run outside and play some physical games like cricket, football etc. These kids are at a higher risk than adults today because Lifestyle diseases usually are more dangerous when they occur at an early age.

By the time they reach their teenage, they are already interested with diseases like Type 1 and type 2 diabetes, obesity hypertension and so on and so forth.

The greatest problem with these diseases in these kids is that it makes them extremely insecure about their physical appearance and results in body image disorders with either post them to depression or turn them into introverts who help themselves from any sort of social interaction so as to prevent being judged by others for what they look like. 

The food we eat today is definitely one of the larger stakeholders in the causes for health issues. In this age of globalization and modernization everything is fast paced.

Time is money and we cannot afford to lose it. Wasting time on making food and consuming it is probably one of the worst losses that anyone in today’s world can incur.  thanks to the advent of fast foods in that all these issues have been resolved.

However, these fast foods say what I’m at the expense of our lives. Life has its way of balancing things time save from a place is definitely time lost from somewhere else. This somewhere else unfortunately turns out to be our life span. The fast food that we bought at the nearest Food Court might have saved 20 minutes of our day but in disguise it has stolen 2 years from our old age and brought us a bit closer to death. 

Realization and awareness is one of the most important aspects of Living a healthy life. First, we must acknowledge the fact that health is really wealth. Nothing is costlier than life itself. No amount of surgery and medical costs can transform our life into a healthy one.

If we eat junk foods and lead sedentary lifestyles, we commit crimes on the body that has been gifted to us. And just like every crime we must be ready to face the punishment of which death is probably the most comfortable one. Many people have to live with all disabilities that are worse than death because of this lack of awareness that health is wealth. 

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