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Someone has correctly said that ‘if health is gone, everything is gone’. Life loses interest, in case you are deprived of health. You enjoy neither food, nor world. Even spending time joyfully becomes a big problem. We can, therefore, say that real wealth of a man is his health.

Especially for the young, games are essential to remain healthy. They are necessary for our physical and mental development. They keep us fit and lively. No wonder games are now an important part of education. They give shape to our body and sharpen our mind.

Broadly speaking, games are of two types: Indoor Games, Outdoor Games. Games, which are played inside a room, are called indoor games. They include table tennis, carom, chess, loud, etc.

Outdoor games, such as football, hockey, cricket, polo, etc., are played in open ground. Every game has certain rules which the players have to follow.

Games make great contribution in character building. They teach us the importance of discipline, cooperation, obedience, team spirit and tolerance.

They implant in us the spirit of sportsmanship. They teach us to take success as well as failure in stride. Games keep us active and healthy. They are good for our blood circulation, digestion and keep our brain healthy.

Games, however, lose their importance, if they disturb our studies. So, there should be a balance between games and studies. However one should understand the importance of games and sports in our life. It play a vital role in our life.

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