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Health is wealth. It is more important than the wealth we have. Only when we have a proper health we will able to get the necessary wealth in our life. If we do not have a proper health, whatever wealth we have also goes into waste. We will not be able to use even the available wealth without a proper health.

This is the reason one should take important care of their health. We should focus more on our health. Then, automatically we will be able to work hard and earn according to the work we have been able to do. Thus, health is very important in our life.

First, people should learn to take care of their health and then focus on other areas of life. But we taking care of ourselves alone does not matter. We should have the facilities in order to take proper care of our health. We should have easy access to all the health facilities.

In order for people to maintain a proper health, they should have proper health care systems. Only then people will be able to take care of their health and get treatment when they are suffering from any sort of sickness.

But do we have access to proper health care. Many of us have easy access to the health care. But for those who have problem to access these health care ultimately lose their life.

What do you mean by health care?

Health care means the process or way in which one is taking different procedures or medical measures to make a person’s health better. With proper health care a person’s health can become better. This will include dong the right treatment, taking medicine and altering one’s own life habits.

A proper health care will help to save so many people’s lives. These days because of unhealthy lifestyle people are getting prone to many sickness and diseases. Due to these reasons, treatment is on the light. But when a person does not get the right treatment there are chances of losing the life.

Health care system should be improved and regularly updated. In the previous years, very outdated machines and treatments were used. They are not still used in the present-day time because diseases these days have taken another turn compared to before. So obviously the treatment should also be changed.

There should be proper health care system so that everyone gets the treatment when needed. They will not have to run helter skelter when they need the treatment in emergency. There are still many places all over the world where there are no health care systems and people have lost their lives.

Why is health care important?

In order to remain healthy and be free or get treated from different sickness and diseases one needs to have access to health care. With time, new diseases are coming into action. More people are getting ill every single day of the life. In order to get diagnosed and treated, health care is needed for the people.

Health Care essayHospitals are needed so that people get treatment when they are suffering from any illness or when they meet with an accident. Proper treatment of the people will improve their quality of life. If they have a proper life free from any illness, it will give growth in the employment, increase in the economy as more people will be able to work.

If people will have access to health care and more hospitals or health care systems are made, there will be growth in the medical sector.

Moreover, the medical sector contributes a lot to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the country. Proper health care will help people to be free from sickness and their lives will be saved.

If the number of lives saved by proper treatment is increased, the death rate will start reducing. The production of the country will increase which will further improve the economy.

Health Care in India

The number of health care systems in India has increased from the past years. Facilities have also improved. More primary health centers have been opened in the rural areas as well. In the urban areas the hospitals have also increased with many advanced facilities. Many medical colleges have also been opened so that there are many aspiring doctors to treat the sick people.

We can see medical colleges and hospitals almost everywhere. But just opening medical colleges and hospitals alone is not enough. There should be proper treatment in the health care centers and hospitals. The doctors and staff should be dedicated to treat the people. They should not only focus on their benefit. In many hospitals we see that the doctors come late and leave early from their work.

They take leave very often. This does not happen. This will not only lead to reduction in the growth of the medical sector but also many people will be left untreated. It is also seen that in many places the staff are not good. They do not take proper care of the patients.

They behave rudely with the patients and their family members. No matter how many new centers and hospitals are made, there are still many people who do not get treatment. They are left untreated and ultimately they lose their life.

Another reason why everyone is not able to get proper treatment is because of high population. Fertility rate is increasing every year and every single day someone gets sick. As there are too many people getting sick there is not enough place in the centers and hospital to diagnose and treat everyone.

In private hospitals there will be rush because everything is according to the numbers and there is limitation. But one should go and visit the government hospitals and centers.

There is a huge rush everywhere. There is not even a single proper place to get fresh air. There almost same things are used for every patient. Cleanliness is not maintained properly. Every place is crowded like a fish market. Some of the staff members are very lazy to work while others are strict for everything.

Personal experience on health care

It was the month of March, 2007 I had got abscess on my chest. It could not be self treated so I visited a known doctor in a private hospital. The doctor examined the abscess and told us that operation would have to be done that day. So, I was admitted in the hospital.

I was kept in the female common ward till the operation time. I was given saline water till my operation was started and I was not allowed to eat anything. As I was in the common ward, too many patients were admitted there. The air smelled so foul that I could not even breathe properly. My father came to visit me. As I was in the common ward, he could see me every time he wanted.

So, they asked the staff to shift me to a private room. I realized the private rooms were cleaner than the common wards. Also the staff was more dedicated and caring for the private room patients. Some of them used to take their own sweet to finish their work. Well, this should not be done. They should not be bias to anyone. Soon, my operation time came and I was taken to the operation room.

After that I do not remember anything about the room. I only realized after I was being shifted to my room. I was kept in the hospital for one week. In this week I used to walk around the hospital when I used to get fed up resting in the room. I realized the hospital needs more doctors and staff.

There was no discipline maintained in the hospital. The staff should be taking care of all patients. One day some other nurse came to give me an injection. She gave me injection in such a way that she is giving it to some non living thing. It was very painful.

I did not like to see such conditions of the hospital. I just wished to be discharged from the hospital and go back home soon. After I went back home, I had to go to the hospital once a week to change the dressing in the operated area. The nurses who would come to change my dressing used to behave rudely with me.

They would open the dressing without any mercy on me. They would not even care if it hurt me or not. But I controlled my anger and tears. I was relieved when I did not have to go for dressing after two months. It was a very bad experience for me.

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