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Smoking has become a craze these days. The tragedy is that people do smoke after knowing very well that it is shortening their life span. It is, virtually, a slow poisoning for the smoker. The sooner he gets rid of this bad habit, the better it is for him and for his family.

Many people think that smoking enhances the status of the smoker in society. But the notion is awfully wrong. On the other hand, people hate him and avoid his company. This is why it is banned with a “NO SMOKING” sign in many public places with warning: Smoking is injurious for health

Would you like to know how and why smoking is full of hazards? Well, first of all it causes pollution. The habit of smoking unnecessarily increases expenses of the smoker. It forces him even to beg from others, when he does not have his own cigarette.

It causes coughing, spoils the original colour of the teeth, damages lungs and increases the blood pressure. With increased B.P. the smoker suffers from high palpitation, leading to severe heart ailments.

If you suffer from all these diseases how would you discharge your family obligation? Most of the income would go to the doctors. So, if you are a smoker, act now and give up, your bad habit, before you find it too late to act.

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