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It is said “life is most strict of a teacher because it takes the exams first and then let you learn the lesson from it later on”. 

Those who learn lesson and doesn’t repeat their mistakes become successful in life. And those who never learn are the losers in life. Life always gives you chances, it is one`s ability to grab them and make the most of them.

By availing these chances one may stand out of league as the leader. The rule for leadership is that “the leaders don’t do different things, they do things differently.” 

The hard learnt lessons are experiences of life which enhances human nature. It is human nature to learn from their experiences rather than from written ones. The more hardship a man/woman goes through in their life more learned they become. 

During childhood parents are responsible for teaching the child each aspect of life. Yet child has to learn various lesson of their own. Life is a harsh mentor which makes one study lesson from the very beginning of human origin. 

Everyone in their life time does come across various lessons. Few pass by unlearn and unnoticed. But most of the lessons enhance human attributes. A person willing to grow in life learns from harsh realities for no teacher is perfect enough to teach everything. Things always don’t fall in place as expected. Those plans which are not executed well always end up messing. The mess up either teaches or inspires. 

The lesson I learnt the hardest way is “you cannot please everyone in your journey of life. So it’s better not to try that either. Be your own kind. If people doesn’t like you, it’s their personal problem not yours.” 

I was brought up in a family where family virtues matter a lot. Since child hood I have given lessons on caring and sharing. This been considered as the main difference between human species and animal species. The values learnt in childhood get deeply rooted in one`s character. What they grew up as, is what they learnt from their family. 

The school further taught the lessons of sharing among friends. Sometimes school friends become family friends too. Same was the case with me.  I had a very close friend in school that I trusted completely. 

Once when we were in class 10th we had our terminal examinations going on. That was our English exams. My friend had some problems with few chapters.  To resolve the problems and confusions she called me up and afterward came to my home. I spent the whole evening helping her with her problems. She was also contented that most of her queries were resolved. Next day we went up to school and gave our exams sitting in our examinations halls.  

Everything went by very well until the result day. I was astonished to see the results. My friend had scored the highest marks in English exams. The day before the exams she had number of problems with syllabus but the result shouted the inverse. The result put me into dilemma. But since I considered her to be my best friend I showed no sign of remorse either. 

After few months, we had our mathematics pre board exams. The same situation aroused. My friend called me up discussing almost half a day topics where she was facing problems. Ignorant of the prank she was playing on me, I kept on helping her. With my calibre and honesty, considering the proverb “a friend in need is a friend in deed.” 

We discussed and almost all except a few of her queries got resolved. We both were happy. Wishing good luck for the exams the night before, we both went to sleep. My mother was quite tensed that night because I was still left with many topics to revise before exams. She told me that may be my friend is playing some trick to spoil my grade. By engaging me in topics which were of less weightage in exams she wants to deter me from performing well. 

Since I considered her to be my best friend I ignored my mother`s advice and prepared for my exams. Few of my subject`s topics did remained untouched.  It was quite late in the night and adequate sleep is must have before exams as my mother promotes this rule. 

The result of the exams was again shocking as my friend topped in class and I got second position. It was a strange coincidence for me at least. Because when I was explaining topics to my friend she enacted as she was totally unaware of the concept. She was having very hard time getting through them. But in results she scored the highest marks leaving everyone behind in class. 

I was unable to digest the fact that the person who was blank a day before exams could do exceptionally well in exam. That was by matter of chance that I got to overhear my so called best friend talking to our other class mate.  It was her strategy to fool me. She was wasting my time the day before exams so that I could not concentrate on my areas of weakness. This way she could get the chance to become topper. 

Now I realized that my mother experience and farsightedness has warned me beforehand. But it was me who was not willing to learn my lesson from her experiences. Now that I have heard her talking about strategies and plans that I realized people could be so calculating.

I have learnt my lesson. During our board exams she tried to do the same. But by this time I have grown up smart enough to ignore her and concentrate on my studies. I have learned to mind my own business and have given up this attitude of helping anyone and everyone. 

My mother is my mentor. She gave me the lesson that one should not give up humanity while dealing with fellow beings. But being over generous is not always a healthy idea. One should do good to others but first try to understand the feeling and intentions of others.  

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