Speech on Happiness for Children and Students

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Good morning respected principal, teachers and all my dear friends. Today we have gathered here and I am going to present my speech on the topic ‘happiness‘ and I am glad that you all have given me the opportunity to come up with this topic.

I beg you of your cooperation throughout the time that I am presenting my speech and I also beg you to pardon me for any mistake that I make while presenting my speech. 

Happiness. What is happiness exactly? We cannot touch it, we cannot see it, we cannot hear it, we can only feel it. Happiness is a feeling. It is a state of mind when you are happy. You smile when good incidents, good memories, good happenings, make us happy.

There are many synonyms to happiness such as ‘contentment’, ‘pleasure’, ‘satisfaction’, ‘cheerfulness’, ‘merriment’, ‘gaiety’, ‘joy’, ‘delight’, ‘high spirits’, ‘well being’, ‘enjoyment’, ‘felicity’, ‘Glee’. 

Have you ever wondered what inside your brain give the feeling of happiness? What triggers the switch button of happiness? For example when you exercise your brain recognizes this as a moment of stress your blood pressure increases which leads to an increase in the heart pressure.

Your brain is literally tricked into believing that you are fighting an enemy or fleeing from it. To protect yourself your brain releases a protein called BDNS (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) this factor has a protective and also a reparative element to your memory neurons with access reset switch that is why we often feel so much light and things are clear after exercising and we eventually become happy. 

Another factor which triggers the feeling of happiness in our brain is the release of endorphins it is also a hormone which tends to minimize the discomfort block the feeling of pain and are even associated with the feeling of euphoria.

Endorphins are released when someone hugs you or kisses you? Remember that good feeling? Yes! That is endorphins working at your back to make you feel good. 

There are many tricks to achieve happiness in life. But the best thing is to do good to other people and stay good yourself. Only by this way will you gain no enemies and lead a happy and comfortable life.  But nowadays due to modernization the crime rate has increased.

People have started staying busy more and more and loneliness leads to desperate acts of violence. If you are not happy it will also have many effect on your work and your daily life. Sometimes it can even affect your family life, your relationship with your family members can get from bad to worse.

Hence it is essentially important to maintain a satisfied and healthy life to be excellent in your workplace as well as your family life. Unless you are happy you won’t give off good Vibes to others and people will be usually irritated by your presence. 

Here I am listing a few ways to stay simple and stay happy

  • Can you give 10 minutes to exercise, daily researchers have shown that regular exercising often keep people satisfied and happy, these give a feeling of contentment and that you have done something good to your body even if you donate 10 minutes of your regular life to exercising you can be contented throughout the rest of the day this will improve your impression in your workplace and not only this your body will also stay in a good shape. 
  • Sleeping more everyday 

You all know that sleep helps our body to recover from the day and repair itself it helps us to be more focused and more productive hence we can easily conclude that sleep is also important for happiness. A BPS research digest tells us study has been shown to prove that sleep affects our sensitivity to negative emotions.  

  • Spending more time with friends and family because money can’t buy you happiness 
  • Staying more outside happiness is increased by 57% 
  • Helping others and doing good 
  • Practicing the art of smiling- it needs no tax but it reduces pain, improves blood circulation and helps us to think better. 
  • Meditation it’s like rewiring your brain for happiness. 
  • Move closer to your workplace- a short commute is worth more than a big house. 
  • Practice gratitude whenever possible- it increases happiness and satisfaction 

I would like to conclude my speech by saying that never miss a chance to be happy always whenever an opportunity to provide others happiness comes in your way just grab it if you are happy you will lead a fulfilling life.

People will be happy in your presence you can make people happy with your presence only when you do them good that is why never be jealous, never be violent, never be rude always provide others happiness as well as yourself whenever there is an opportunity to do so 

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