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Woman dressed up, in wrinkles

The beautiful short woman, with a pale skin, having wrinkles all over the body, always left me stunned. How can one look so beautiful in a wrinkled skin? Well, the lady with the pale face, wrinkled skin, was wearing the most beautiful yellow traditional dress with the combination of orange; looks as if the sun and moon together spreading their brightness. Is my grandmother standing there? Oh! Yes it was my grandmother who was standing in the deep dark down of the night with all the brightness in her eyes.

My grandmother is one of the most beautiful women of my life. Who has not yet spent 100 years of life but of course 80 year of life span .My grandmother is full of religious thoughts. She believes that at attaining certain age a person should get involve himself or herself in god, in order to achieve salvation.

She believes that believing in god leads you to a certain positive energy which is further a basic principle of life. My grandmother do not believe the world of modernization as she believes that we are only copying the west countries and not trying to bring in our own method of modernization. She thinks the most important aspect of modernization is cleanliness, which India is far behind.

Who is a grandmother?    

To understand the literal meaning of a grandmother, she  is a mother of the    father, but the word ‘grandmother’ has a much better meaning in one’s life, she is not only the mother of the father, but yes a person who always loves, takes care of the entire family, always try to lead you on right paths. For men may come, men may go, but a grandmother should never let be gone.

 Old is gold

It is rightly said that ‘old is gold’ the line helps me to explain well that being old, beautiful young and what not, she; my grandmother has always proved to be more than a gold in our lives. I have some most beautiful childhood memories with her, from helping her in household chores to not letting her to be alone when everyone not at home.

I have spent the most beautiful moments of life with my grandmother; from fighting with the siblings to sleep with her, or to ask for extra token of money than others, crying for each other when one had to leave, to not letting her stand with anyone else and even today after my marriage though we do not live together but the bond which we share is above all.

I feel the most luckiest that my marriage could happen in front of my grandparents and their blessings. Only some people could fulfill this desire.

Her lessons were always a blessing!

my grandmotherI have a degree of graduation but she has a degree of life experience of 80 years and of course with no doubt a master mind with respect to life problems. My grandmother is a metaphor of energy. Yes, at the age of 80 she is full of life. When the word grandmother comes to our mind we tend to enter into the world of stories and fairy tales; but my grandmother never led me to the world of stories or fairy tales.

She has always tried to teach me the world of practicality, where she has always told me, how being a woman I can deal my life smoothly and correctly. Often, I’d wonder how anyone could live so long without much expectation from life neither with much health problems.

Then I remember that ‘dadi’ once told me, my fitness mantra is keep going and keep working as much as possible. Working hard keeps bringing new energies in us, and we do not become lazy. My grandmother is fond of animals, and have always taught me that no one can be a better friend than an animal, they will always stand by you and never betray.

So, therefore my grandmother has one buffalo, a dog, a rabbit and lots of pigeons. With them she tries to spend her most of the time. I am always compelled by myself to think will I ever be able to achieve what my grandmother has achieved all this while. Of course it’s a No but, will always try and understand her lessons, as they have always led me out of my difficult situations.

We are here

Let’s let them know that we are always there whenever they need us, let’s let them know that they have always lived for us and they have done a lot for us. Now it’s our turn to fulfill their wishes, though they do not expect much, but only a little care, a little attention and lots of love is what all they need. And they will fill our life with lots of brightness and happiness.

It is said that when old people live with you one have more disciplined, controlled life without much problems. A much more organised life is being lived. It is the truth that god is present in this world, it is us who have to find him in the form our parents, grandparents and children.

And talking about my grandmother, she has always been a god like personality in my life. I do not want to thank her, indeed want to tell her that I love her the most. She has been one of the greatest inspiration of life and her blessings were always a support to my life.

And I want her to know that even today after my marriage when I go home I want her to be at home otherwise I feel like taking entire house on my head. She is the person without whom I do not feel much secured even today. I love you ‘dadi’. Lastly I would like to say that if our parents can be our ‘ATM’ for life, we can at least be the “debit cards and credit cards”

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