My Grandfather Essay for Children and Students

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Tall, Dark, Handsome

If somebody would ask me that who is your first love, without any doubts I would say it’s my ‘grandfather’. My grandfather has specified, what life is? And how to live a life, why is it important to live a life happily. I always had this perception in my brains, that if ever anybody could give a tough competition to Mr. “Amitabh bachchan” it is only ‘my grandfather’.

The tall, the dark, the handsome personality always took my heart away. The beautiful pumpkin nose, the white safa permanently on his head, of course the white kurta pajama and the brim of smoke of hukka making his face dusky, sitting on a chair, simply looking at the walkers of the mohalla, had left a great impact on everybody else.

It is a great pleasure for me to write about him, because a grandfather like him, cannot be there anymore. The only person of his kind is him, himself. The reason we all called him ‘bapu’ was he himself, because he always thought that he should be called differently by his grandchildren, as ‘dada’ is the most common word in the dictionary of words. This is what life meant to him. Live differently.

Man in Uniform

my grandfatherMy grandfather was an army man, 30 years of his life he spent in Indian Army yet again fought 2 wars, sadly I do not remember the names, but I can never forget that inordinate, manly and strong voice of his throat, which explained the wars thoroughly, the explanations of these wars were always the most enjoyable moments of my lifetime. ‘Nayak Subedar Major Kanwar Singh Dagar’ the trumpet of voice would continuously give me the honor of pride.

And the best chunks I found in his narrations were; when he used to come to the point of food. The best cook of the world for me was none other than my grandfather. Who learnt cooking during his army days? Delicious samosas, pakodas, the chicken, and the mutton made by him always leave me in the situation like a flesh in front of a dog.

My grandfather was a food holic who loved to eat as well as to cook food. I still remember the days when both my grandparents had fight with each other, he would cook his own food for next 10 days. Or else would not take a plate of food from anybody, except me or my brother. He was tricky man to understand yet simple to be loved.

The Power Bank

My grandfather always had been a power bank for all of us, still remember when I first joined the school, and never wanted to leave him back at home, he was the one sitting outside my class on a wooden block waiting for me for the entire day, and I would look out of the window if he was there or not.

I still remember the fights which he had with the school authority for sitting there on that wooden block for me the entire day. My grandfather has always pampered me like a doll in his life. My grandfather always has been a positive energy which further led me to what I am today.

Father of Father

Indeed he is the father of father, but has always proved to be one. He is the one to whom you can approach any time for anything. Saying a no, wasn’t in his dictionary.

I still remember he was one who bought me my first computer, he was the one who had fight with my father for sending me on my first school trip, he was the one who saved 1500 rupees every month for my marriage and he was the one who ran after my father for beating my brother. And hence, he is the father of my father.

A Star

It brings tears in my eyes; when I have to believe that you are a bright star in the sky. One question often revolve in my thoughts. Why god time and again does wrong with the person who was purest at heart and makes the strongest one the weakest.

My grandfather was the strongest man, though emotional but strong enough physically. God did not had enough strength to digest that. And made my love, the star of my eyes a ‘cancer patient’. Who fought back cancer not only strongly but had all desire to live. Bapu wherever you are be strong as always you have been.

You are there, still be missed

It’s been two years now, that my grandfather is not physically present with us. But bapu! There is not a single a day that you were not there in my thoughts. My grandfather was one of my superpower which I had.

He was the one who cried to the loudest and the hardest when I was about to leave his house after my marriage, whenever I think about it, tears role down my cheeks and always wish you could be there with me always and always.

I miss you the most

I always feel luckier that I had a people like my grandparents in my life. Their love is unconditional, they have the purest heart, the best people in the entire world. And the personality like my grandfather cannot be gained by the second person of this world.

My grandfather had his own flavor. Lastly, I have a message for my grandfather that you will be always missed, though I can always sense, feel that you are somewhere around making me cautious at different stages of life, I can sense you, be it in my thoughts, in my dreams, in the sky, in the stars.

I just want to say that please always be my superpower, the way you always have been. If one power I would have. I shall ask for my grandfather in my life again. And would always want you as my grandfather.


Grandparents are different world altogether, we are luckiest that we have these energies in our lives, let’s just give all the love, care, happiness and satisfaction which they require for their unconditional love and support

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