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As a children we are always being told to behave in a proper way. We are always being told that we must have good manners. But what exactly are good manners? And why should we have them?

Good Manners means treating others with respect and gentleness, because that is the way we would like others to treat us. It means knowing and using the magic words like, ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Sorry’, and ‘Welcome’.

It means greeting others, especially our elders, politely. It means never using bad language, or talking ill of  someone behind his or her back.

If someone is needy we must help that person. The good example is when we travel by bus or train we often see older citizen and disabled person, we must grant our seat to them, this show that we have manners. This reflects our family manners to as they too believe in good values.

We must not be rude to others, loose our temper often.

The boy path when he grew up should be like a gentlemen and girl to be a lady. We often see individual who sneeze without handkerchief that make the noise as well as passing virus i.e. (viral infection) that is not turned to good manners.

We should keep in this point that we must have handkerchief while sneezing.

While eating one should not make sound. A child who is well-behaved and pleasant and helpful to others is a valuable person in the society.  These entire factors later turn out to be a worthy citizen of nation.

Do Good Manners are really important?

Behaviors that show our personality and that too reflect manners taught by our family, teachers. In our society we identified by our manners, one who lacks in good manners faces many difficulties in his/her life.

Taunts are deliver to them and questions arise for their family too, i.e. from which family background you are from? Don’t they teach you any manners? These entire questions usually insult individual as well as family too.

Short Paragraph on Good Manners

A person who is polite and respectful towards others is said to possess good manners. He always shows concern for the well-being and comfort of others.

Everyone like that person who behaves and speaks politely and treat other respectfully.

This type of person is always ready to help others, understand others problems quickly. This kind of person doesn’t hesitate to do any helpful task.

A well-mannered person usually forget and forgive  the wrongs deeds others  have done.

Good manners cost practically nothing but can buy everything. They win us best friend and conquer our enemies. They make world a happier place to live in by reducing disagreement and avoiding tension.

As we know that first impression is the last impression, a person manner impresses us deeply. Personality of a person reflects the entire angle which includes manner, behavior, gesture, etc.

List of Good Manners

Greet (say Hello/goodbye)

Whenever you meet someone first of all you should greet them with smiling face and must say ‘Hello’. While leaving you should say ‘goodbye’.

Say please/thank you/excuse me/sorry

good manners                         good manners                      good manners

When you want any help just use ‘Please’ word, if you got any gift you must say ‘thank you’.

Punctual (Be on time)

Always be on time wherever you go (School, job).

Always wait for your turn

You should wait for your turn.

Sit properly

While sitting acquire whole space (bench, chair) and sit properly.

Always ask first, before using

While in the school we directly take pen, pencil of our friends, we should ask before using it.

Ask before moving

Don’t disrespect others

The good policy is that give respect and take respect.

Cooperate with others

Give Compliments

For any work done by your friends, employee, you should give a good compliments to encourage them

Show your appreciation

Be polite

Don’t be rude

Be attentive

Be attentive in the classroom, office, etc.

Apologize your mistake

If you have done any kind of mistake then apologize it, don’t argue to hide your deeds (mistake)

Speech on Good Manners

Respected Principal, Teachers and my dear friends.

‘Manners make Man’: so goes a famous saying.

Everyone likes a person who speaks and behaves politely and treat others respectfully. Such a person is always ready to understand other people and tries to be helpful to them.

I must say you should have good manners. Manners are not a thing you should buy and keep. It’s a lesson that we get from family, teachers, etc.

By obeying the manners we reflect that we are from good family background.

Always use magical words in any situation like ‘Please’, ‘Sorry’, ‘Thank you’, etc. Speak politely don’t be a rude. If you don’t have any manners then what is the difference between you and the animal.

It’s totally upon you what impression you left behind, a person is always remembered by his good deeds.

So maintain a good personality in a society.

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